Transformation HQ Success Story : Gemma Turner


1)How would you describe the training experience of Transformation HQ/Shoot –  from the Transformation HQ Sessions to the nutritional advice? 

I was very nervous when I started at HQ and lacked confidence. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage the training frequency and intensity or the diet. 

The trainers were great, really welcoming and helpful. In my first few weeks they really helped me to step up gradually and the focus on form was a great introduction, it really helped me to get over my anxiety about coming in. 

I did ok with the diet for the first few weeks (high motivation at the start) but I was really struggling with training. I was very sore for days and aggravated an old back injury. The exercises were modified to avoid making it worse and work on the underlying issues – I’ve had no issues since (10 months). 

The biggest thing for me was when I made a connection that had always been lacking before – if I ate what HQ told me to eat (hitting protein targets) then I could train 3 times a week with minimal soreness and with tonnes more energy! 

I signed up to the shoot as I felt like I needed something to focus on. The nutritional advice was excellent and having Ryan and Carl there to ask for clarification and for my millions of questions meant it wasn’t daunting at all. 

There’s a lot of info with the shoot but the way the program is broken down is great, the changes are introduced a bit at a time making them manageable and this kept me interested throughout the 12 weeks.

2)What have your results (weight, inches loss) been since you started with Transformation HQ? 

Stats from when I started HQ (1 year ago)

Weight 31 lbs

Bust 6 inches

Waist 12 inches 

Bum 8 inches 

Thigh 4 inches 

Size 14/16

Total transformation (about 2 years)

Weight 57lbs ~ 4 stone

Bust 8 inches

Waist 15 inches 

Bum 12 inches 

Size 16/18

I’m currently a size 8/10

3)Do you feel different about yourself since you training with us?

Much more confident. Much more positive. Strong; mentally and physically. I get ill less frequently and shake it off quicker. I’m proud of me. 

I’ve suffered with depression most of my adult life, by coming to HQ and doingthis for me, I’ve developed a resilience and strength of character that I didn’t think was possible. 

4)What would you say to people who thinking about joining Transformation HQ or doing the 12 week shoot? 

Do it. Start it. Just try for one week and see how it goes. Then do the next week, see how that goes and go from there. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you’ll learn so much from the experience.

5)Has anything surprised you about the 12-week transformation journey?

The biggest surprise for me was how much I was willing to try and change my routine and cut out those things I couldn’t live without (tea amongst others). We all use our routines as crutches to get us through our days. I was really quite rigid with what I ate and drank and had built up a mythology about what I needed to get through my day.  Doing the shoot made me reassess alot of things in my life, not just food and exercise. 

Gemma had become a little disillusioned at her body shape and the way it was going. She decided to give weight training ago at Transformation HQ.

This was a defining moment for Gemma and we believe she will never go back to her old ways or old body shape.

Gemma mentioned she had a busy work schedule with long days – we were confident we could get her results as getting in amazing shape doesn’t require hours on end training and prepping foods. This is how Gemma did it;

Gemma started with us by cleaning up her diet, putting in the basic Transformation HQ Meal Plan & completed 3 transformation sessions a week. This saw really good results but Gemma wanted to improve even more!

We persuaded Gemma to do the Transformation HQ “shoot” process of tracking calories and being disciplined for 12 weeks – and these were the results.

Her before photo was taken before she joined Transformation HQ and wasn’t just the 12-week shoot – but the main point to take from this is that it does take long than a couple of weeks to break bad habits and getting into great shape.

Gemma knew it would take a few months but was patient, persistent & determined to get drop cloth sizes. She wasn’t obsessed by the scales but rather what clothes were getting baggier. This was an fantastic excuse to go shopping and buy new SMALLER dress and jeans.

She has learnt that lifting weights and eating more foods makes you slimmer, stronger, fitter & makes you feel brilliant.

Do you want to feel all of the above?

Try our 28 day challenge that Gemma went through and get your very own transformation

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