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Health and Injuries

Most frequent questions and answers

THQ recommends to follow a DASH or Mediterranean diet or THQ Meal Planner.

Staying most of the year in a calorie deficit using THQ meal planner or tracking calories.

Regular exercise of 3 transformation sessions and 1-2 walks each week.

Supplement with Whey Protein powder after training sessions.

Reducing or eliminate alcohol where possible (red wine with meals best of worst option)

Supplements Suggestions:

Controlling and improve heart contractions

  • Quercetin: Per label instructions
  • Myricetin and Myricitrin: Per labelled instructions
  • Stevioside: 375mg twice daily
  • Magnesium (350-1500mg)
  • Hawthorn Berries (2-3g)

Regulation of Blood Volume

  • Calcium (1000-1200mg) daily

Antioxidants & Vasodilators – helping blood vessels dilate and regulate blood pressure.     

  • Coenzyme Q10 (100-300mg daily)
  • Lycopene (15-30mg daily)
  • Green Coffee Extract (400-1200mg daily)
  • Vitamin C (1000-2000mg daily)
  • Melatonin (2mg) 30-60 mins before bed

Other Hypotensive Dietary Factors

  • Vitamin D3 5000-8000IU daily
  • Fish Oils- Omega 3’s (2000-4000mg daily)

Vitamin K (2100mcg daily)

The weakening of bones is when the body can no longer form or rebuild bone. More common in women, but men still susceptible. The main factors seem to be a chronically stress individual that has elevated cortisol’s levels. Which increases inflammation of the body and a reduction of insulin sensitivity. It is recommended to have times to focus on recovery, such as not being in a calorie deficit, reduction in exercise/training, meditating, sleep and hydrating. Using the THQ meal planner and strength training three times a week can help the production of bones strengthening. There are scientifically researched back supplements that can help promote health bone protein absorption.

Calcium: 1000-1200mg daily

Vitamin D3: 2000-8000IU daily (recommend to get blood tests for optimal dosage)

Magnesium: 200-1000mg daily

Vitamin K: 2700mg daily

Silica: 5-10mg daily

Boron: 3-9mg daily

Zinc: 15-30mg daily

Calcium Collagen Chelate : 3000mg daily

Omega 3 fatty acids: 1400mg EPA & 1000mg DHA daily.

Curcumin: 400mg daily

Resveratrol: 250mg daily

Quercetin: 250mg daily

Berberine: 25mg daily from 250mg goldenseal

The following hormone related supplements may also help:

DHEA: 15-50mg daily (depending on blood test)

Isoflavones: 52-104mg daily

Hops: 120mg daily

Inflammation of the joints can be painful and halt progress with your body shape and health. Its encouraged to stay active and strength train to maintain muscle mass around the joints, increase blood flow to joints and keep a healthy heart.

There has been some coloration of a poor diet and gut health to inflammation of the joints. Its recommend to try an allergy free diet for a period of time to see if it eases symptoms. A food map diet can work well in this set up.

There are some natural supplements that can be taken may ease or possible even reverse the inflammation.

Fish Oil: providing 1400mg & 1000mg DHA daily

Krill oil blend: 350mg daily

Gamma linolenic acid: 600-1400mg daily

Vitamin D3: 2000-8000IU daily (recommend to get blood tests for optimal dosage)

Vitamin B6: 75-105mg daily

Folate: 400-1000mcg daily

Undernatured type-2 collagen: 10mg daily

Andrographics paniculate extract: 150-300mg daily

Curcumin: 400-800mg daily

Quercetin: 250mg daily

Boswellia serrata: 100mg daily

Pomegranate: 400-800mg daily

Green tea extract: 725-1450 mg daily

DHEA: 15-25mg daily

SAMe: 400-1200mg daily

Glucosamine sulfate: 2000mg daily

Chondroitin sulfate: 450-3600mg daily

White peony extract: 1200-1800mg

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