Transformation HQ Success Story : Ian Oates

HQ Before & After 1000 Ian Oates

Ian is almost unrecognisable since joining Transformation HQ in January 2017. Ian is so much stronger now having dropped his weight and his fitness levels have vastly improved.

Ian first came to us as he was wanting to improve his body shape and feel better. He had achieved some good results on his own through improving diet and training on his own.

However, he felt he need some expertise and guidance to speed up his results. The coaches at Transformation HQ decided that 3 full body strength 45 minutes sessions, and to follow the Transformation HQ meal plan would be more than enough to accelerate his weight loss.

We saw some fantastic progression after a couple of months Ian was looking leaner and had lots of energy. We saw this as the time to take Ian to the next level and recommend he went through our 12 shoot process.

He was now training 4 times a week, however we just controlled calories through some simple tracking methods and made Ian follow the Transformation HQ Shoot 12 week meal plan.

Here at transformation HQ we believe that you should never be starving and should feel full & satiated most times. This will make you less likely to burn out and binge on junk foods.

We slowly reduced calories so Ian barely noticed, but was enough to create a caloric deficit to burn body fat & build muscle. After week 6 we upped Ian’s training frequency to 5 times a week, with an addition 6th session if he had the time.

Here are the results…..

This meant Ian was training no more than 4 hours a week and eating a dieting that was satiating. Here are his inch loss figures – astonishing!

Starting weight in January was 129.7kgs

8th of August start of the shoot 117.7kgs

Arms 15 1/2 Inches
Chest 48 inches
Waist 45 inches
Hips 43 inches
Legs 26 1/2 inches

October 28th Shoot day 102.5kgs

Arms 15 inches
(1/2 down)
Chest 43 1/2 inches (4 ½ inches down)
Waist 38 1/2 inches 
(6 ½ inches down)
Hips 40 inches
(3 inches down)
Legs 25 1/2 inches
(1 inch down)

We see a healthier, fitter, leaner & happier Ian who improves each week and we know he will progress even more… this space!

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