Transformation HQ Success Story : John Wakeham

HQ Before & After 1000 John Wakeham

1)How would you describe the training experience of Transformation HQ/Shoot –  from the Transformation HQ Sessions to the nutritional advice? 

I thought the training for the shoot was really good, the sessions in general are well thought out and I always feel like I have done a good work out, it was nice having the motivation of the shoot at the end of it all to keep pushing towards. All the trainers were really good, asking questions about how i was feeling and how I was getting on and always there to give advice. I have found the nutritional side very fascinating and enjoyable, how at the start eating lots of the right things to get your metabolism going was something I would never have thought of.


2)What have your results (weight, inches loss) been since you started with Transformation HQ? 

I lost nearly 2 stone in weight!

3)Do you feel different about yourself since you training with us?

Since starting training I have lots more energy, I never really thought of myself as big or over weight, i knew I had a bit of a belly, but looking back and since the shoot I am much more confident in my appearance and carry myself a lot better posture wise also.

4)What would you say to people who thinking about joining Transformation HQ or doing the 12 week shoot? 

I would say don’t think about it just do it! I have loved it since I started and always look forward to my training sessions, the shoot was really good and well worth doing

5)Has anything surprised you about the 12-week transformation journey?

The main thing which has surprised me is me. You see all the pictures on the internet of before and after shoots but I never thought I would be able to do that, I did, I loved it and I feel great for it!


John’s plan was a simple but effective plan. With an initial introduction into weight training and cleaning up a “normal diet” we saw impressive results.

We then took John on the shoot process where we tracked calories for 12 weeks and slowly increase training frequency.

We wanted to keep john’s calories as high as possible so when he finished his shoot, it would be easy to maintain his current body shape and NOT pile the body fat back on!

We believe John has found a new love of training and eating to support his health and body shape goals.

John started on our 28 Day Challenge – Why don’t you try our 28 day challenge and get your very own transformation


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