June 2018 Sessions


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Theme Strength round day 30/30
4 rounds
Super Tabata mix

4min on each station

Each person stays on same station for a full 4 min round then moves on

Power day
4 times round once on each

45/15 Mazari track 4-1 tempo


Exercises DB Deadlifts Leg Extension to Overhead Front Lunge


Leg Ext
  BB Bench Press DB Squats to Rear Lunge BB Push Press
  Dips Dips to Calf Raisers AB Rollout
  Hanging Leg Raise Pull Ups to Tricep Ext Flat Bar Front Raiser
  Split Squats Flat Chest Press to Knee Tucks Bench DB Squats
  Wide Row Narrow Alt Row to Full Row Wide Row

*Strength Round Same – Last Month*

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