Transformation HQ Success Story : Kate Cirillo


Kate was new to training with weights and hadn’t realised the benefits & rewards that it brings.

Listen to kate’s on words with this 60 seconds video;

We showed Kate the quickest way to drop body fat, tone your muscles, increase energy and feel amazing is to lift weights.

At Transformation HQ, we understand that you may be fearful that lifting weights can make you look bulky but we keep proving over and over it’s a MYTH.

All Kate did to achieve this transformation was 5 Transformation HQ Sessions a week –  Transformations HQ Session consist of weight and strength training.

Kate actually had less time than the others and completed her Transformation in just under 9 weeks. Never the less, Kate dropped just under a stone, burnt 3 inches off her waist and hips!

Kate is now much stronger and fitter but with a better shaped body. She has now learnt to eat intuitively and does not need to track calories or weigh foods.

Do you struggle with burning body fat? Want know how to eat naturally without putting on weight? Want to try weight lifting to torch off that extra bit of body fat your carrying?

Don’t wait till the new year – get a head start so you are looking good for your Christmas parties.

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