Transformation HQ Success Story : Laurey Taylor

If you want to improve your physique, you must believe you can do it.

HQ Before & After 1000 Laurey Taylor

Laurey did believe in herself, she also proves that lifting weights can change your body, making it slimmer, stronger and much fitter.

Dispelling the myth that weights make you bulky.

Laurey did no more than 4 hours a week training with weights and used Transformation HQ’s individual calorie targets to achieve this incredible transformation.

Strength training, eating healthy foods and recovering well with sleep, rest & water was all it took to become slimmer, stronger & fitter.

Lifting weights not only make you slimmer, stronger & fitter – weight sessions make you feel energised and feel like you have a load of extra energy throughout the day.

Laurey always puts 100% effort into her training sessions and was following the Transformation HQ meal plan. This shows consistency, effort and dedication will always pay dividends.

Credit goes to Laurey for stick to the plan long enough to achieve a body shape she thought was not possible.

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