Lose body fat without tracking calories

But I don’t want to track calories

It sounds time consuming

I’m not sure I understand what tracking calories means.

I get it, tracking calories is a little bit annoying when you first start.

But so is everything that you start new.

Never the less, at some point in your life, spending time tracking calories would be a smart use of your time.

Like you would do a short budget on spending habits if you are always getting in debt.

It only has to be a short period of time to see what and how many calories you consume on average.

There is a reason the people with the best physiques in the world track calories, it’s not a coincidence.

So why wouldn’t you give it a try, too scared to reveal to yourself what’s actually causing the body fat gain?

Nothing more powerful than seeing it in facts and figures.

Yet I do admit, there are times when you don’t need to track.

  • When you’re first starting on your transformation


  • When you are under immense pressure from family and work issues


  • When you want a break from tracking

Under these circumstances, you can follow some simple rules and still drop body fat.

  1. Build every meal around protein.

It keeps you fuller for longer and helps build/keep muscle so your body can burn body fat for energy.

  1. Eat your carbs LATER in the day!

Most people have a heavy carb breakfast like cereals, oats, toast and jam.

This leads to sugar crashes and extra snacking mid-morning.

Saving your carbs to the evening meal, means you have to start eating protein and vegetables at meal one and two.

A meal in the evening, that has natural sources of carbs such as rice, potato will also release serotonin.

A natural hormone that helps us sleep.

Which brings up the question, why would you want to eat carbs first thing in the morning when you need energy? And carbs make you sleepy…?

These two rules aren’t the only rules to dropping body fat without tracking calories.

But they are the two most effective.

Try them every day this week and see how easy dropping body fat can be.

You will also notice how it stays off as you keep to these simple good habits.

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