Transformation HQ Success Story : Matt Shipstone

Matt’s body shape was nowhere near what he wanted it to be when he first joined Transformation HQ.


A few years of drinking & eating what he wanted, Matt realised that he had put on a few too many pounds.

He was determined to learn not only how to change his body shape – but why it worked.

It’s easy to follow a plan, but to question the trainers and have an understanding of what we were telling Matt to do, proves he will keep the weight off.

At the time of writing, Matt is currently going through another 12 week shoot which we have seen him get even stronger, fitter and have a more athletic body shape.

Before joining Transformation HQ, Matt’s meal plan was a bit out of control and lacked structure.

We taught Matt the basics of eating real food, having 3 meals a day but also how to included treats in the diet without losing self-control.

This was done by getting Matt to follow the THQ meal plan for 6 weeks, as he advanced after the 6 weeks, we recorded foods/calories daily.

The meal plan and recording helped Matt see that it wasn’t about starving himself, but that he needs to consume a lot of nutritious – volumising foods. His diet was based around having 3 meals a day that consisted of protein, vegetables and he added carbs if he had trained.

Although it felt like he was eating more, he was actually consuming less by using foods that were very filling but low in calories.

Matt had weight trained previously so we just had to work on improving his technique, and at the same time we ramped up his intensity!

Most men go to the gym, they do a tough set of 10 reps – have a minute’s breather, check their phone, chat to their mate, then spot their mate on their set.

Before you know it – they are having 5,6,7 minutes rest between a set.

This lack of intensity is not going to get them lean and ripped.

At Transformation HQ, we lift heavy but have strict rest times that are no longer than a minute.

Not only does this increase intensity of a weight training session, it also means we can get more done in our sessions. Which means you only have to complete a 45-minute session 3-5 times a week.

So, Matt didn’t have to quit his job and spend all his time in the gym – he just trained for about 3-4 hours a week.

Matt enjoyed his training & eating and 12 weeks later, his body shape looked completely different.

He has built muscle & burnt body fat but now has the knowledge to improve even further, watch this space for his next shoot photo’s.

Do you need a little intensity push in sessions or need some organisation with your meals?

Try our 6-week meltdown like Matt did. On average over the 6 weeks, THQ members shift 11bs off the scales. Get rid of that beer belly before the Christmas parties start!

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