Using The Keystone App & Getting Started

You will have or will be receiving an initiation from “Keystone Fit”, this is the software we are using for our platform. Please double check junk/promotional email folders.

Fill in details and create a password.

Next steps are to download “Keystone Health & Fit” in the App or Play store (its free). 

Before you start we need you to enter your details as below, we need this information to assess your progress, then be able to adjust either your nutrition or training if we feel progress is a little slow. If you don’t enter photos or inches/scale weight we are going to struggle to help you. 

All information is private and only yourself and a trainer can see the data.

Once downloaded you can log in to the app and your home page will look like the screen shot below… click the kettle bell icon.

You will then see this page, select at the bottom of the screen “workouts”. Once you are established and confident with session, your trainer can send you a workout to do in the strength room and it will go into here. 

Also you will see a tab for “plans” we can assigned training plans for times when you cannot train. Such as trips away with work, holidays. Meaning you always have a training plan to follow.

Screenshots of these instructions below.

If you do a strength room workout sent from us, once you’ve finished your workout, make sure you, go back to the large plus sign and “submit workout” (as below). This lets your trainer know you have completed your workout and we can see how you’re doing through the week.

If you want to ask your trainer anything, go to your home page, hit top left button and click the paper airplane.

Today’s main task is to take a progress picture & upload stats into keystone. Then, fill in your THQ Starter Questionnaire – this is REALLY important as we can put you through the THQ protocol and your trainer will email you a personalised report.

Please find instruction pack below

Progress Picture Instructions

Remember to upload your photo the Keystone app so we can make assessments and adjustments.

Keep focusing on one module at a time to stop overwhelm, you will be email a password to each week to open up the next module. 

The 6 weeks is all about building better habits – below is a 6 week better habit guide. Don’t worry if it seems too much, we will be working on these subjects in the modules.

6 Week Better Habit Guide

Don’t do it alone –  add yourself to our Facebook Support Group

Enjoy your time at THQ.

THQ Group
Carl and Ryan

THQ Starter Questionnaire