Module 1

Meal Plan

Download and STICK to the meal plan, if you have any intolerances or dietary requirements please message your trainer in the Keystone app. Following the instructions on the meal plan and following it as close as possible will ensure you stay satiated and see FAST results.

If you slip up and come off the meal plan? Don’t worry, make sure you get back to the meal plan the very next time you eat.

A simple rule for portion sizes:

  • Protein – your palm size serving
  • Carbs – your first size serving
  • Fats – a finger size serving 

The meal plan guarantees you results, but we understand you would like a bit of variety. We have designed cookbooks that provide low calorie, high protein yet tasty meals. 

Get your family involved in choosing a meal, not only are they eating healthy, they are helping you achieve your goal.

Alongside the cookbooks and meal planner, there is a guide if you want to learn more about calories. Don’t worry about how to track calories, sticking to your meal planner is the MOST important thing you can do over the next 6 weeks.

Also in the link, you see guides for what to choose at certain restaurants, cafes, eating out places. No need to look too deep into them, but it’s worth noting how many calories are in your favourite treats and to see if you can swap for a lower calorie option.

Not very good with meal prepping or little time do so?

Frozen, THQ friendly meals to your door! 

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This link stays in here but if you go to “nutrition” section in the members area, you will also find the planners, cookbooks and guides.

Training Plans

You will find your training plans demonstrations in the training section of the members area.

This gives you a heads up of what you will be doing in sessions. Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember them, you trainer will demonstrate them again at the beginning of each session.

On your first few sessions we like to use a lot more body weight exercises. This is to assess your form and look for any tight areas that may hold you back or injury you.

Once we are happy, we will start to added in weight or make the exercises progressive harder.

Your main aim throughout the monthly sessions is to get better each time, whether that’s last longer on a set, lifting a heavier weight or doing more repetitions of an exercise.

Use your log book on the strength round as a guide to make sure you are progressing.

People are often tempted to add in more exercise at the beginning of a transformation, but it’s not necessary.

Three 45 minute full body strength sessions is more than enough – if you aren’t seeing results, it’s your nutrition which is the issue and what we will spend more time working on.

Enjoy week one

THQ Group

Carl & Ryan