Module 1

Meal Plan

Download and STICK to the meal plan, if you have any intolerances or dietary requirements please message your trainer in the Keystone app. Following the instructions on the meal plan and following it as close as possible will ensure you stay satiated and see FAST results.

If you slip up and come off the meal plan? Don’t worry, make sure you get back to the meal plan the very next time you eat.

A simple rule for portion sizes:

  • Protein – your palm size serving
  • Carbs – your first size serving
  • Fats – a finger size serving 

Training Plans

In your Keystone app, all video demonstrations and full routines have been attached.

Instructions on how to find these training plans and videos are in the intro module, so please refer back and follow instructions and screen grabs if struggling.

There are two training plan options, bodyweight only and 2 Dumbbell (2DB’s) plan. If you have no weight then use the bodyweight, or if you have access to a gym and/or a set of DB’s, use the 2DB’s plan.

Both plans work, its adjusted to your set up.

Stick to workouts 1-4 for the first four weeks, aiming to improve a little each week. At the end of week 4 going into week 5, you will use the 2nd phase (week 5 – 8) to enhance results.

Again, all video demonstrations will be in the notes (at the top) sections of each training plan.

It’s really important to watch the demonstration videos in the Keystone app to fully understand the exercises. The first few attempts doing the workouts, it would be wise to use the follow the full routine video and copy the trainer.

Once you are more comfortable with routines, you can note down your exercises, then select the timed track. You can go to a gym, pop your headphones in and you are guided by your track.

If you are struggling with accessing your workouts, head over to the keystone app, top left there is a little person logo, click there and you can message your trainer for help.

Other than that, you are ready to go, plan your workout time and go for it!