Module 1

Calories, Handbook & Guide

Welcome to your first module on the Transformation phase. This week is to really dial down calories. They key to a successful transformation is to keep you in a calorie deficit, and keep you in one for the whole 8 weeks.

Tracking calories makes sure you are in a deficit. Which means you can allow a few treats to sneak in as long as you stay under your calorie limit.

HOWEVER, sticking the food list provided 90-95% will yield FAR better results. Because the list includes natural options of food, that will keep you feeling satiated, energised and less likely to crave junk. The lower we drop calories, the harder you will find it to get your treats in to allotted daily target, and you will soon see how easy it is to overeat.

Hugely under eating below your calorie target may seem like a shortcut at the beginning, but it ALWAYS ends up in a food binge and another drop out from doing the 8 week online shoot. Stick to the calories we gave you, they have been worked out to get you in a calorie deficit without you feeling starving – this is the sweet spot! People believe that to get lean and slim, you have to suffer and be hungry all of the time – not true. Listen to us, our results prove it works.

People often get worried about carbs and fats not hitting figures – IT DOESN’T MATTER.

What does matter is hitting

  1. Calories
  2. Protein

Just focus on these two figures and the carbs and fats will sort themselves out.

Some people prefer more carbs like rice, oats, potatoes, so there carbs may spill over. Some people prefer fatty foods like fish, eggs, avocados and their fats may spill over, as longs as you are in hitting your calories, you are burning body fat.

There is a calorie guide attached below if you want to learn more.

Also attached is the  recommended food list discussed at meeting. If you stick to recommended food list – you will see fast results. If you push the boundaries and swap out foods, then results will be sluggish – your choice!

Also remember your water targets (in start up meeting and slides), hit these figures everyday.

Completing the modules, sticking to calories and consistently completing training session are the only things you’ll ever need to worry about.

Let’s get to work!

PS if you haven’t uploaded weight and head to toe before photo in keystone yey, do this now. Failure to submit and track calories means we will really struggle to help you achieve the body shape you want.