THQ Trainer Posts – The Specialised Programmes

Why and how the sessions differ from regular THQ sessions

Sessions format:

The programmes don’t use timed tracks like regular THQ sessions.

They are set and rep workouts.

You will be given a set and rep target to try and hit on each exercise.

You will also have a workout log to track and record your workout each week to ensure progress each session.


The specialised programme sessions are a bit longer than regular HQ sessions and run for about an hour with no more than 6 members.

This gives you time to put enough volume on the target muscle group to get results.

The added time gives you chance to get more rest in between sets.

This is hugely important as when you are hitting the same area of the body over and over, you need to make sure you are recovered between sets so you can put maximum effort into each and every set.

Form and technique:

Exercise execution should always be a priority every time you workout but when trying to target a specific body part it becomes even more imperative.

The added time we get on the sessions and the slower pace allows us as trainers to better explain form and technique to get optimal results.

Simply moving the weight is not enough to get a body part to respond.

Over the 8 weeks you’ll be improving at the skill of each exercise not just increasing the weight.

THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE between good results and amazing results.

Strength and muscle growth:

The programmes are split into two four week phases.

Both phases have different exercises to elicit a new stimulus on the body at the halfway point.

Phase one we focus on building a good foundation of strength and work on moving correctly and improving our exercise execution.

Phase two we focus on building and shaping the body part.

 We up the intensity of the sets and bring in certain intensity techniques to get the body part to respond.

Phase two is all about overloading the muscle and pushing close to failure.

Frequency and volume:

These sessions along with your three THQ sessions give the target muscle group enough weekly volume for optimal results.

You will still train the muscle group frequently enough throughout the week in your THQ sessions to make sure your still constantly sending a muscle building signal the target body part.

This gives you optimal frequency and volume on the muscle group to force a response without doing too much and over training.

If you think the specialised programmes are what you need to help target a specific area of your body then let your trainer know and jump onto the next block of programmes.

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