THQ Trainer Posts – 3 Training Mistakes To Avoid During The Shoot

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By Matt Holloway

The THQ 12 week shoot produces hundreds of amazing, life changing body transformations each year.

The programme helps members shred bodyfat, build muscle and shape the body.

It also helps to create habits and lifestyle changes that will remain far beyond the 12 weeks and will help keep you in shape forever.

Over the years I have seen so many people achieve unbelievable results from the shoot.

However I have also seen a lot of people not take the process seriously enough, make mistakes along the way and not get as good a results as they could have.

Nutrition, recovery and mindset all play a huge role in achieving a result .

But I am going to run through some of the most common training mistakes I see that can hinder results throughout the 12 weeks.

So be sure to avoid these.

1 – Over applying intensity too quickly

It’s natural to want to get a heads start at the beginning of the shoot and do as much as you can straight away to make the first few weeks count.

However if you do too much, too quickly, yes you will get results initially maybe for the first 3 or 4 weeks but your body will soon adapt to the excess intensity and results will plateau, leaving you with nowhere to go.

Follow the modules and the advice that is provided. Extra sessions, dropping calories and increasing cardio all have a place but they have to be implemented in at the right time to be effective.

The shoot is about getting a result over 12 weeks. It’s a long process.

So start by focussing on the fundamentals in the first few weeks.

Train hard 3 times per week

Hit your calorie and step targets

Get good sleep

Then we can bring in the extra intensity when appropriate to maximise the effect of these tools on your body.

2 – Wasting your extra sessions

When you bring in extra workouts to go alongside your three THQ sessions, its really important to make them count.

Spending more time in the gym is great but you want to be sure that time is not going to waste.

I know you probably want to have a nice toned midsection but spending 45 minutes doing bodyweight ab exercises is not going to get you there.

You want to get the most bang for your buck during your time in the gym.

Your extra sessions should be focussed on building and maintaining strength.

Big compound movements in low to moderate rep ranges with plenty of rest between sets.  

Think squats, lunges, presses, rows, deadlifts and build your additional workouts around these movements.

3 – Going through the motions

I cannot tell you how important focus is during your training in the gym.

The body will not adapt unless you give it a reason to.

This should be in the forefront of your mind during every session that you do during the twelve weeks.

Go into the gym and apply 45 minutes of internal focus solely on your training each session.

No distractions!

Our nutrition, recovery and activity levels are all hugely important factors in shredding bodyfat.

But the time you spend inside the gym and the quality of your sessions is imperative in sculpting and shaping the body.

Progressive overload is key in achieving the best possible result.

This means that every workout should be harder and more intense than the last.

Increasing the weight used, slowing down the tempo, improving your form.

These are all ways to help you progress and make each session that little bit harder than the last to ensure growth and to keep overloading your body.

So go into the gym, push yourself, get out of your comfort zone but most of all…. FOCUS.

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