THQ Trainer Posts – Why I love weight training and will never ever stop!

By Matt Holloway

Being a trainer I often get asked the question…… “how do you manage to motivate yourself to train day in day out, all year round”.

My answer is always the same.

Because of the value I get from it.

Its for this reason that I don’t really ever need to rely on motivation to train.

When you understand and see the value that something is providing for you then you just do it, motivated or not.

I am never motivated to brush my teeth each morning but I do it because I know the value of it.

Understanding the true value of weight training is the thing that is going to keep you fit and healthy for the rest of your life. 

To me, the value of lifting weights goes far beyond aesthetics and physical health.  

I don’t just train because it gives me a better body. It gives me a better life.

It doesn’t just build muscle. It builds character.

It humbles me and teaches me to stop making excuses.

It shows me how to overcome adversity and push through pain.

It helps me to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

It forces me to take responsibility and ownership of where I am at.

It shows me just how much I am capable of if I apply myself.

It teaches me that there are no quick fixes or substitutes for hard work.

I truly believe that if you have the power to change your body, you have the power to change your life.

So training for me goes far beyond just wanting a six pack for my next holiday.

And that’s why I will always train weather I am motivated to or not.

It provides far too much value to my own personal growth and to my life in general to ever stop.

I hope you can see the value that weight training brings to your life and I hope you carry on lifting for a very long time.

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