Mobility Activations

Mobility activations before workouts:

Goal here is to train your body to optimise and perform thoracic extension. This postural position is required for nearly every movement you perform in the gym using machines and free weights. I have attached a link on how to correctly perform this exercise and written the key teaching considerations and ques below.
● Engage Glutes
● Core braced
● Extend thoracic (chest off floor)
● Scapula retracted and depressed
● Twist thumbs and arms back
3 sets 6-8 reps – 3 second hold

DEAD BUG: (Psoas and core activation) Goal here is to ensure the correct core muscles are switched on and active to ensure weight transfer through exercise doesn’t stress surrounding joints and structure, i.e. hips, lumbar and thoracic spine.

• Hands up directly above shoulders and fixed in place
• Slow and controlled motion
• Engage Core and Glutes
• Low back locked down to floor
• Slowly reach each leg away from body alternately
Squat Demonstrations –

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