Eat Right for Resistance Training

Your nutrition is just as important as your training, and when both are on point results are extremely quick. Here at Transformation HQ, we want you to eat as much as possible. It’s not as easy as eating less and exercise more, if it was that easy everyone would be slim, lean and healthy.

Transformation HQ aims to break as many bad eating habits and create as many new healthy eating habits, maintaining good eating habits can improve overall performance, health and wellbeing and increase muscle size and strength and of course weight loss and toning our main aim is not to starve you and restrict foods. You will be allowed that naughty treat from time to time!

We believe in giving you plenty of healthy, tasty food choices that keep you feeling full and provide you with plenty of energy.

Your Transformation Sessions require you to eat a diet high in protein to help your body recover quicker from your workout and for your next session. Protein keeps satiety up, meaning less of a temptation to eat the wrong food choices. Fats and carbohydrates are also included in day to day to meal planning as there are just as crucial as protein, they may be slightly tweaked to the individual depend on activity levels (job, training), ages, current fitness levels, injuries and illness – a trainer will decide this for you.

Find below links for new tasty meals for all times of the day.






Protein Chicken HQ

If we ask you to track your macro nutrients, please use one of the links below…

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Nutrition QUESTION