Module 1

Calories & Training

Following on from a dieting phase such as the online Transformation phase, you are in the perfect position to build muscle.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s very hard to muscle – it doesn’t just accidently appear and you get too big.

It takes years and years of meticulous planning, training and eating in a surplus.

It’s even harder for females to build any type of noticeable muscle.

So, the 8-week phase is going to demonstrate to you how to build muscle, yet at the same time, minimise body fat gain.

It’s important to build muscle to get stronger and fitter, but give you a better body shape.

When you are happy with what you’ve built, you then strip back the body fat to reveal your better-looking body shape.

Even if you aren’t bothered about building muscle, getting into a surplus will make you leaner and slimmer in the long run.

YOU CANNOT diet all year round.

There needs to be time to recover & rebuild so you can attack a “dieting” phase again fresh.

Enjoy this time eating a bit more food, watch closely how your body changes (more often than not, people look leaner when increasing calories), notice how much energised you feel. Focus on getting stronger and enjoying training again – your body will thank you.

On the subject of eating more… now need to increase calories.

After a transformation phase, we pushed calories low, so we now need you to add 300kcal from the figure you finished on shoot.

E.g 1600kcal a day on transformation – 1900kcal a day on builder.

Alter your figure in MyfitnessPal but keep the ratio’s of protein, fats & carbs the same.

You should have already decided what body part you want to improve on and let your trainer know.

They will have assigned two full body routines and one specialised program.

3 workouts a week are the bare minimum, but if you feel you have more time and energy to do extra, another specialised session would be beneficial. Ask your trainer to send over another workout.

Each and every workout – note what weight you use for the exercise and how reps you do with that weight.

Each week you should aim to either do more reps or use a heavier weight every time you revisit the exercise.

A general rule of thumb, if you can get 12 reps consistently in 30 seconds = up your weight.

8-12 reps = stay with same weight

Under 8 reps = lower weight or ask trainer for different exercise.

After at least 16 weeks of being in a calorie deficit – you can now enjoy the next 8 weeks eating a little bit more and building your better body shape.

Keep uploading your progress pics, inches and scale weight so we have the data to assess your physique to make changes.

See you in module 2