Transformation HQ Success Story : Phil Stamford

Being lean is also about building and retaining muscle…


The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will be…


The faster your metabolism is the more body fat you are burning!


Phil wanted to drop body fat whilst keeping and building more muscle, we gave him more calories to consume compared to his previous shoots. This made him go through a building phase where we fuelled the body so it got stronger.


We fuelled his body through INCREASING Phil’s carbohydrates. We encouraged Phil to improve his form and increase his weights on Transformation HQ’s main strength exercises such as chest press, back rows, squats etc.


The main aim was to make sure he felt the targeted muscle work throughout the entire set so that the muscle is being squeeze and stretched. When it felt comfortable – we then increase his weights.


If you’re just increasing the weight all the time and not feeling the muscle work – it’s unlikely to grow.


Phil was given a wide variety of foods to keep his body powered with plenty of nutrients and didn’t seem restrictive to him. We did track calories as we increased them at first, we gave him just enough to grow but not too many that would put any additional body fat on.


As the weeks progressed we decided about 4 weeks of trying to add a little size was sufficient and we had 8 weeks of retaining his muscle and strength. The next target was to strip some body fat off to reveal Phil’s newly built muscle. This was done with a couple of small calories drops and a small increase of training frequency. You don’t have to be a slave in the gym to burn fat & build muscle.


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