Transformation Success Story : Ryan Buivids

Ryan Burnt Body Fat & Built Muscle To Reveal His 6 Pack

Ryan should inspire you if you are new to weight training.

He shows that you can achieve a ripped body shape very quickly, 12 weeks in fact.

As Ryan didn’t have a lot muscle on his body to begin with, we took a slightly different approach.

He had the very common “Skinny Fat” body shape.

Not overweight but a little too much body fat – with no muscle underneath.

Our plan was to add muscle to Ryan’s frame but minimise fat gain.

To build muscle you need to be a calorie surplus. Although a surplus builds muscle, it also spills’ over to fat gain if you’re not careful.

So how did we get Ryan to do both? Let me explain…

A body is primed to build muscle even more so once is been through a “dieting phase” and becomes leaner.

So, this was Ryan’s first plan of attack. He was told to clean up his diet and weight train 3 times a week, which did strip back some body fat.

We then made Ryan go into mini surplus phases. These short phases of eating more stopped any unwanted fat gain, but at the same time, encouraged his body to build muscle.

The short 1-2 weeks calorie surpluses were a great opportunity for Ryan to work on increasing his weights on his big compound exercises.

Such as squats, rows, presses and deadlifting.

If your strength is going up & you’re in a calorie surplus – then you can be fairly certain you are adding muscle to your frame.

For the last 4-6 weeks we then pushed Ryan back into a calorie deficit. This was to strip off more body fat & show what muscle he had built.

As you can see he added muscle to his body and got those abs popping.

Fairly new to weight training and want to take advantage of the “newbie” phase?

Do you have a “skinny fat” body shape and want to look tone and defined?

Then enter you details below and see how we can help you get the body shape you want…..

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