Transformation HQ Success Story : Sarah Hamblett


Sarah wanted to achieve a tone defined body, whilst at the same time being able to perform at a high level training for a half marathon.

This can be a tricky balance as getting to really low body fat levels where you are toned, defined and have fantastic abs. It’s tricky because the leaner you get, the body starts to drop off in performance due to being in a calorie deficit.

Never the less, Transformation HQ and Sarah managed a weekly schedule where she would complete 3 transformation sessions a week and a couple of running sessions a week. We wanted her running performance to improve whilst keeping strength in her Transformation sessions.

We managed to stick to a great balance as we saw her getting stronger & fitter in Transformation Sessions and she was giving us great feedback about her marathon training and how she was improving.

Every week she came in we saw her looking leaner and leaner, so we slowly dropped calories by as little as 200kcal every 3-4 weeks. We also added an extra one or two strength sessions working legs and abs as we got closer to the shoot.

I know you may be thinking she was leaner than most to start with….. however, this makes it even more difficult to get to low body fat levels that reveals abs. This is because she didn’t have much body fat to lose, her body would really resist burning body fat as a survival mechanism so we carefully managed this whilst also trying to improve her running times.

Sarah had to be strict on herself, her discipline was fantastic and she always wanted to learn about why she should be eating & training in certain ways. In fact, we often had to hold her back from training MORE.

It’s not always about eating less and exercising more. We often start our members the opposite way by eat MORE and exercising LESS.

This way once a “dieting” phase is over you will MAINTAIN that body shape rather than binge on food because you starved yourself to a body shape.

I know Sarah will continue to weight train and eat smart to maintain her brilliantly defined body.

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Closes 16th October 2017

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