Transformation HQ Success Story : Sian Webster

Mum to a young time-consuming toddler shows how anyone can get in shape with just a bit of DEDICATION and DETERMINATION.




Sian has a physically active background and is a keen kickboxer – this gave Sian the grit and determination needed to get into shape.


Although Sian had a good level of strength and fitness at the beginning, she did not have the tools to shape the body she wanted…..


Mainly a flat tummy!


As you can see Sian did extremely well and got an impressively defined body with a flat tummy – all done in 12 weeks.


Sian did not want to count calories and record foods due to work and looking after a demanding young family.


We knew that Sian would be disciplined enough to stick to The Transformation HQ meal plan for 12 weeks – so we kept it simple but effective.


Eating 3 solid healthy meals a day with tasty snacks to keep hunger at bay.


She could only exercise 3 or 4 times a week as time wasn’t freely available.


There was no secret to Sian’s Transformation other than;


  • Sian’s commitment to getting into great shape
  • Following what the Transformation HQ Coaches advice on training and nutrition
  • 3-4 weekly Transformation HQ weight & strength sessions


This made it all simple to follow but we achieved the maximum results possible.

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