Stop Exercising and Start TRAINING

Exercise is just getting hot & sweaty; most exercises classes are too hard and don’t deliver optimal results.

They’re designed to make the person “exercising” into thinking a pump & sweat means progress.

You know the phrase, “sweat is fat crying”….

We get people at THQ when they first start, worried that they are not dying, in a heap on the floor in a pool of sweat after each session.

This is not how people get into shape.

The people with the lean, athletic & strong bodies TRAIN.

This is why we always talking about training when referring to time in the gym.

So what does that mean to you and getting in shape?

Train your body to be strong for life!

Train the mind to be consistent and keep going no matter what happens.

The by-product of this is – a leaner, slimmer and firmer body.

How do you monitor training?

What is the best marker of training progress?

Progressive overload

The key is in the name – getting stronger with your big lifts such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses and rows – as long as form is good!

This week, focus more on lifting weights with good form, if you have a few more reps left in the tank – UP THE WEIGHT.

Get out that comfort zone and start TRAINING!


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