The people’s guide to realistic results

We have put together a recipe guide. However we are keen on people thinking for themselves, so we want you to find a habit that suits you and that you can stick to so HQ does not turn into a fad that helps you for just a few months. I want it to continue to create CHANGE in your life long term. HQ in my mind is a place where you can personally grow. For this to happen you need to find a path that suits you and that you can realistically stick to.

So, here’s our recipe guide plan…

Our recipe book includes information about the actual person who cooked the recipe, so you know it’s realistic to you in regards to prep time and convenience. Obviously there is going to be recipes that match your lifestyle that you don’t like, but hopefully you will find some that help you.

All recipes follow the HQ rules of nutrition…

Recipes Submission HQ

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