The simplest way to stop weekend blowouts

Its been warm and sunny.

You’ve been cooped up inside working all week.

Now the weekend has arrived & you feel like switching off.

Pushing hard all week with training, nutrition and general life issues.

Let’s have a few treats.

And as you are well aware, those “few” treats on a Friday…

….last well into Saturday and Sunday.

Going back into the Monday “feel like crap” state again.

If you are lean, toned, defined, happy with your body shape.

Great, enjoy the weekend, no need to read on.

But if you are always complaining that exercise and diet never works for you.

Try sorting these weekends out.

One of the most effective things you can do to stop the blow outs is;

stay in the Monday to Friday hustle mentality.

You know that flow feeling where all is going well with food and training.

Be disciplined with yourself and extended it to a Saturday and Sunday.

It’s not that difficult to do.

Actually, it’s the best time to try it as everyday feels the same currently, and there isn’t a great deal to do at the weekends.

We can kind of trick your mind and body into believing it’s a week day.

Start by:

Going to bed and getting up at the same time.

Have your same breakfast.

Have your lunch meal prep sorted as if you were going to work.

No snacking and drink more water instead.

Get at least one workout in PLUS a decent walk.

This stops the “F*ck it – it’s the weekend” feeling.

The structure and routine convince the mind to stay “on it”

Use this simple strategy for a few weekends to see what you can achieve in a few weeks.

Because summer is here and you should be feeling ready.

Have a good weekend – you know what you need to do

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