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Free 7 Day Energy Reboot

Want more Energy? Lose a few pounds and inches? Try our us out for 7 days. 

One daily tip and workout to get you feeling better, more energetic and alive once more!

Now YOU can have the body shape of your dreams without having to go to the gym!

Transform your body & your life without having to do hours of boring cardio and eating like a monk

We want to take a minute of your time to tell you about a few Transformation HQ Members.

These people had been in-house members at various THQ locations. They knew they had all the tools, information & support to achieve a transformation.

They were well on their way to seeing positive body shape changes and weight loss.

Then BAM – lockdown!

Everything needed wiped from under their feet.

Having looked for and tried online fitness plans before, they knew they weren’t very effective.

They were all at their wits end.

Tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like they won’t be able to get a body shape until the gyms reopen.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

You try the free PE lesson or free video sessions fitness guys give a way and get nowhere.




How does everyone else seem to make this so easy?

All you’re desperate for is a flat stomach yet whatever you try just doesn’t work.

This is exactly how our members were feeling.

Fortunately, at THQ we had already planned for a scenario like this, and within a few days of the gyms being closed – we had an 8 week online challenge up & running.

Members were skeptical but within a few days – fell in love with training at home.

The time saved from not travelling to a gym, and the convenience of exercising at a time that suited them was a huge relief.

The weeks progressed and the weight was dropping off these people.

They felt fitter, lighter, happy and more confident.

We knew we had transitioned our successful transformation recipe from in person – to online.

Job done!

Or was it?

We aimed to wrap it up when the lockdown restriction eased but members wanted to keep doing the online plan.

So, you’re in luck – we are keeping it live for good!

You’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and learn the system that’s taken us years of research and tens of thousands of pounds to develop.

Let us introduce you to …

The THQ 8 Week Online Challenge

With the 8 Week Online Challenge you can;

Get immediate access to the 8 Week Online Challenge for just £59

I guess you’re wondering what makes us qualified to talk about weight loss.

Well, the first thing you should know about us is that we are just NOT personal trainers.

But here’s what we ARE –

Human beings, that have dealt with thousands of clients and transformed many bodies and lives.

Carl Lambert & Ryan Adshead are the co-founders of THQ Group. A personal training company that specializes in make people feel good about their body shapes.

We started in Carl’s mum’s garage, and have grown in 8 years to 5 locations with over 600 in-house members.

Our mission is to help people get in shape through strength training, eat well and ENJOYING life.

Getting in shape shouldn’t be difficult and boring but addictive and enjoyable – let us show you how simple and easy getting results is.


Here’s why –


This is our main aim. Most programs can make you feel a little better, maybe drop a few pounds.

We raise your expectation levels up a notch or two.

Meaning, our members achieve results they thought would never be possible.

I know what you’re thinking –

This is just another sleazy scam that promises so much, and delivers nothing.

Maybe THQ is out to trick and con me out of my money.

We completely understand. It’s only natural to be skeptical when every shady internet marketer is out to make a quick buck.

And we know you’ve probably tried so many things before. But to ease your mind, here’s how people just like you have fared with the 8 Week Online Challenge.

The question on your lips …

How much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

The full value of what we are offering is £59 for the whole 8 weeks.

That’s £1.15 a day!

That’s less than you’d spend per day on a coffee.

Can you imagine having a flat stomach for that cheap?

But wait – there’s more.

We are not JUST offering the 8 Week Challenge, by taking action and investing now, you also get access to all this:

  • Private access into a Facebook support group with other members going through a transformation
  • Weekly check ins from your own personal trainer
  • 3 cookbooks with hundreds of fat loss recipes (vegan cookbook also)
  • The famous THQ meal planner that has produce so many jaw dropping results

All the extras in house members get, with a value of £198!

Saving you £139!

£59 For The Whole 8 Weeks

Finally Get The Full Package

Training & Nutrition

Support & Guidance

Check Out Our Results


Can you really afford to miss out on getting a dream body shape with an offer like this?

You’ve got two options –

OPTION 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available first time, then be back here in 2 to 3 months time.

OPTION 2 is the smart move.

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to get a flat stomach in the fastest and most effective way possible, and so invest in your health, happiness and security.

That choice is yours.

As a final reminder, here’s what you get with the 8 Week Online Challenge.

  • THREE simple to follow workouts each week. You don’t need any equipment, or if you have a couple of weights, great, will show you how to include them also.
  • Workouts than can be done ANY TIME, ANYWHERE so you blitz body fat on YOUR schedule
  • TWO training phases, Weeks 1-4 to put in a base layer of fitness, strength and results – transitioning into weeks 5-8 were we really accelerate results
  • 3 cookbooks with FAT Loss recipes so you drop pounds (FAST) while still enjoying your favorite foods.
  • 8 weekly modules to guarantee you stay on track and see results.
  • A weekly check in from your own personal trainer who will make sure everything is simple and easy to follow, and will answer any questions or queries you have.
  • The THQ Meal Planner that shows you EXACTLY how you should eat to achieve long lasting results.

Get all this AND MORE in just 1 click:

Still on the fence?

How about this.

The 8 Week Online Challenge has a 100% money-back guarantee.

In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’re not completely happy, we will refund every penny you pay.

Got questions?

That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT – it shows you truly care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, we’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:


The 8 week challenge is sent through an app so is easily accessible. All nutrition and modules are delivered through an online section on our website.

Yes, follow the results as close as possible, stay in touch with your trainer and you will be amazed what you can achieve in the 8 weeks. Just look at what other members have achieved above.

No problems, we give you two options. One training plan with just your body weight only, and a 2nd plan for people who have a set of weights like dumbbell or kettlebells. Both training plans achieve the exact same results.

Your training plans will be working on the basics first to make sure you do everything correctly. Then the program advances as the weeks go on.

Our ethos is to resistance train, you will be using your bodyweight or your dumbbells as a resistance to tone & shape the body.

No. Resistance training and eating off our meal plans are all you need. We may add in a couple of fast paced walks but that’s it.

Sure thing, we can help. Resistance training works for fat loss and building muscle, we adapt your nutrition to suit your goal.

With having access to a personal trainer check in option, we can adapt and swap out any foods that you don’t like or have intolerances with.

Your training plans will be working on the basics first to make sure you do everything correctly. Then the program advances as the weeks go on.

No, just stick to our simple to follow meal plan. If you want to track calories and have done so before, we can also give you calorie targets.

No, you shouldn’t have to feel hungry to see results. We will keep you feeling satiated and energized but at the same time, see inch and weight loss.

No, but minimise will see faster results. We can give you better options if you don’t want to give up alcohol.

The cookbooks make normal family meals lower in calories. The whole family will now be eating better and not notice a difference.

Yes, many people want to improve even further and we have an 2nd more advance option for you to upgrade to.

We forgot to say – this offer won’t last long.

We have lowered the priced until we have filled all of our online places (just 40 spots available), as soon as we do, the price will jump back up to £99. At this new lower price, we don’t expect it to stay this low for long.

If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act.

One final thing. Let me ask you this:

How would it feel to have your dream body shape?

And how would it feel to do that in just 8 weeks and without following a horrible diet with hours of boring cardio.

Like the sound of that?

Then you know what to do.

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