Firstly, we want to thank those who stayed on as members & have supported us through the lockdown. Within days, so many members came forward to say they will stick with us until we can reopen, and because of these thoughtful people, everyone has a THQ to come back to. So, from the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!

What’s next?

As you are aware, we have been given the green light to reopen. We will open a fresh on Monday 27th July 2020. We are conscious and committed to fulfil all government guidelines & recommendations.

Just like the couple of weeks before lockdown, we will be extra careful in providing you and the trainers a safe and clean environment to be in.

Our reopening plan has been in development for weeks and was awaiting the guidelines from the government to provide confirmation. We have provided an in-dept guide of what you need to do to keep yourself and fellow members safe. Also provided, is the exact steps of what we will be doing to keep your THQ location safe, clean and has the correct social distancing measures in place.

We have gone further that the guidelines have suggested but we wanted to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It’s clearly not going to be exactly the THQ as you know it, but it will be as close as possible. We can’t wait to see you all again and get you fit, healthy and active!


  • Anyone displaying flu like symptoms must stay away from the gym for 14 days, unless they have passed a COVID-19 test.
  • Firstly, upon arriving at your THQ location, you will need to be dressed in your gym gear and hands pre-washed. Only bring what’s needed and don’t bring extra bags, coats, clothing, shoes etc into the gym.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 – 10 minutes before your session is due to start. Meaning, the previous group can leave and the trainer can carry out cleaning duties.
  • If you are queuing outside your THQ location, please space out with the latest social distancing guidelines.
  • You will be given the green light to come in from your trainer. The trainer will have cleaned all equipment and made sure the room is empty. You will be able to clean the bottom of your trainers with a disinfectant mat upon entering the gym.
  • There will no longer be a waiting area, the trainer will guide you into a safe position in order for them to demonstrate the session’s exercises.
  • We can still train you in small groups of 6 in Transformation sessions, and only 1 person in the strength room (unless from the same household where 2 people can train in the strength room). If using the strength room, you must wipe down kit after usage.
  • When you have the green light from the trainer, you can come in. All doors will be propped open so you don’t have to touch door handles. We will ask you to sanitise hands again, there will be multiple stations for you to do so.
  • The current guideline state that you are not required to wear a mask in a gym, but you are more than welcome to do so. Please bare in mind that you will find training harder in a mask, some masks may restrict adequate oxygen needed to train hard. If the guidelines change to mandatory mask wearing in gyms, you must follow the advice.
  • If you can, have a pre-filled bottle of water with you and a sweat towel.
  • Toilets are still available, we just ask that hands are thoroughly washed for a minimum of 20 seconds before you come back into the gym.
  • Wherever possible, maintain social distancing guidelines to respect other member’s safety.
  • The gyms will be well ventilated at all times, with all windows and doors open to encourage fresh air circulation.
  • Session times have been spaced out with a 15-minute gap in between session for a deep clean, but the actual session will still last 45 minutes. Note that normal times won’t be available and times have adjusted temporarily.
  • Sessions won’t be exactly the same but very similar. There will be a slower, less frequent rotation of the room, staying at stations for 5-6 minutes. Which means less possible contact time with different pieces of equipment.
  • Sessions will have ample time to clean kit between moving stations, and session tracks can be paused if the trainer thinks more time is needed.
  • There are wipes and disposal bins at every station, you must wipe any kit you want to use and wipe again when finished.
  • There will not be a strength round or strength logs, but we will be extending the main session.
  • In tight problems areas (where members come closer than 1 metre) at some THQ locations, screens will be erected to protect members.
  • Music levels in sessions will be reduced so that members and trainers don’t have to raise their voices.
  • For any floor exercises, mats won’t be available so you may want to bring your own towel for comfort.
  • Resistance warm up bands will not be in use and the trainer will warm you up using body weight only.
  • Will be wearing face coverings, this is so we can come close to coach you and for any emergency situation.
  • All trainers will wash or sanitise hands between sessions.
  • The trainers will be cleaning kit in-between sessions to ensure its safe for you to use, they will also clean high contact areas in between sessions.
  • All trainers have been involved in the new set up plan and are aware of cleaning procedures.
  • Trainers will supervisor members social distancing whilst in a THQ location.
  • We will be limiting one trainer to be in the location at one time to reduce the amount of trainer’s time in a THQ location for your and their safety.
  • Session can now be book on the Transformation HQ App. If you haven’t use this before, please message your head coach.
  • Any extra sessions overbooked (more than 3 a week), the extra will be removed, usually from the busiest session.
  • Waiting list system is still available.
  • We have reduced our membership capacity levels to provide ample places for sessions.
  • Although we usually changed sessions on the first Monday of the month, we have started them a week earlier to coincide with reopening.
  • You can still purchase supplements; you trainer will process payment and then the member can grab their own product.
  • We aim to start a shoot within a couple of weeks of reopening – dates tbc, and possibly a 2nd shoot to start in mid September.

We have covered all guidelines and, in some cases, gone further. This ensures we have done everything possible to provide you with a safe environment to train in and we are willing to do more if guidelines change.

But if you still don’t feel ready to return, we still do have our online platform. Zooms will no longer be an option when we reopen, as the trainers will be holding live in person sessions at THQ locations.

We know how much you have been missing the gym and we can’t wait to see you all again.

THQ Group

Carl & Ryan

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