THQ Shoots – What’s the fuss about?

A few years back….I witnessed THQ make its first steps.

Myself & Carl worked a at local gym that trained large groups of people.

We each had our own clients that we trained in-between completing large group sessions.

We both trained our clients with weights and also sat them clients down to discuss nutrition and calories.

Because we knew it worked.

It worked for our bodies so why wouldn’t it work for them.

Carl knew it was that good that he would demonstrate how well it worked.

And completed a before & after photo shoot getting as lean as possible.

Which he planted the seed of THQ and then he went off to set off THQ Buxton (via his mums’ garage).

Have a check out more about how THQ started here – The Truth about THQ and its sessions revealed : Vlog #1

I remember him saying you should do a shoot too…but I used the too busy excuse.

My theory back then was that clients don’t care about my shape, but they wanted me to get them into shape.

I could get lean very quick but had never demonstrated it on a picture.

But when I saw Carl inspire so many others with his before & after, I knew I needed to just bite the bullet and go for it.

That was when I went for my own 8 week shoot, and I knew it had to be fairly good.

And I actually ended up getting leaner than I normally would have done, was I not having a photo taken.

This was when the penny dropped.

The accountability is what creates results.

I still hear it on every consultation I do each month.

“I’m not having my picture taken” “I don’t want a poster” “ I wont do the shoot”

All believing that is a big vanity project that people find somewhat enjoyable and comes easy to them.

But they don’t.

Each and every result you see us put out (just like myself all those years back to Carl) said “I’m not doing the shoot”

But why do they change their minds?

They hear of others who went through the process.

Who explain how intimated they were, that they don’t like their photo taken, that they were nervous…


…they were so glad they did it because they got in the best shape they’ve ever been in.

And that they wished they had done it EARLIER.

In fact, on shoot days, most members can’t wait to do another one to get in even BETTER shape.

They realise that all the lies and excuses they had told themselves was holding them back.

And just having a goal, plus sticking to the plan long enough for it to work, was all that was ever really needed.

If you want to be in amazing shape this summer…it starts now!

Set your goal.

Give it a time frame.

Tell as many friends and family what your goal is for much needed accountability.

Drop the excuses and just stick to the plan.

Getting in shape gets so overcomplicated, and people worry & whittle about things that don’t even matter.

But once they had the THQ shoot plan and stuck with it long enough – they too realised that it was the accountability of a photo that was most needed.

And this is why THQ shoots work so incredibly well.

Finally twisted your arm to give a shoot ago?

Ready to be in the best shape ever for this summer?

Next shoot starts this weekend.

There is a meeting on 27th March 10am – a zoom link will be sent out 30 mins before.

Jump on the meeting, like the sound of it all? There will be instructions of how to start at the end of the chat! Simple!

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