THQ Success Story : Amy Capper White

Amy loses 22lbs for her wedding


Today’s success story is about Amy.

Amy had seen the results THQ was producing and thought it would be a great time to give it a go.

She had a summer wedding coming up and a bit of direction, structure and motivation was needed to get into her wedding dress.

Amy was a little hesitant at first as she is a vegan and enjoyed the foods on that diet. She was concerned that protein levels would be too low, and that she would struggle to increase them.

Before coming to THQ, Amy went to the gym & tried diets but nothing seemed to change her body shape. Putting in all the effort and dedication but not seeing results was making Amy think that it will never be possible to see her abs.

Amy had already tried gyms, CrossFit and other small group training but found that it never seems to achieve any dramatic weight or inch loss.

So, when she came to THQ, she was understandably dubious that it would be the same story of putting in all the effort but not seeing any results.

But over the next few weeks and months here’s what happened;

  • We taught Amy how to weight train correctly with good form, then increased the intensity in sessions. This meant Amy only had to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes to start seeing results. We then increased training frequency slowly up to four then five times a week over the following months.
  • We stuck to a vegan-based diet (for moral and ethical reasons) and learnt that it can be used to build muscle, plus supply enough energy for day to day life and training sessions. A little bit of research and preparation was needed, but we kept it simple for Amy by giving her calories and macronutrients targets each day/week.
  • She kept consistent, disciplined and stuck to the plan, as she had seen how it worked for so many other people.

What’s more, she did all this without giving up her favourite foods, drinks or treats. If she had a social event coming up we adjusted calories and allowed Amy to unwind & enjoy herself, whilst still dropping inches and pounds!

Want to find out more what Amy did?

Here’s what Amy had to say about her journey….

Why did you first start at THQ?
We had tried other methods of training and never really stuck to anything. With our wedding coming up, we really wanted to make changes to our bodies. (Amy joined with her then fiancé – Sean)

What made you start the 12 week shoot?
I really wanted a goal to focus on and felt having the pictures at the end would be really rewarding and something to look back on.

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?
In terms of my body… yes and no. I have been surprised by the amount of weight I have lost and the changes I have seen in my body. I am comfortable in my clothes and feeling wedding ready so yes for what I initially set out to achieve but no because along the way it has made me want to see further changes and inspired me to push for more.

How do you feel about your achievement?
More importantly than the physical changes, I feel I have never understood my body in the way that I do now. This is probably the most valuable thing I have taken from the process. I have always trained in some way… Crossfit, various other small group gyms as well as commercial gyms, but I have never had this type of insight. I have also learnt to make this work for me on a plant based diet and where my protein needs to come from. Feeling proud and inspired.

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?
Just about everything. Being made to feel welcome by brilliant trainers who have pushed me, answered all my daft questions and talked me round from numerous meltdowns. The sessions are so easy to fit into my lifestyle and I never thought I would consistently train in the way I do now. Aside the group sessions I have built up the confidence to train on my own in the strength room. The insight I have gained into my own body and how to manage my food and training.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?
It’s life changing and like nowhere else I have ever trained. I have made lifestyle changes that will stick with me for life. I’ve never felt so good about myself, I’ve never been this lean. I’ve never enjoyed exercise before and I never thought I would be up at 5am to exercise most days until now.

Measurements when 1st joined THQ


Measurements at shoot start



Measurements current


Weight 73.8kg

Biceps 28.5cm

Thigh 64cm

Waist 77cm

Weight 71.1kg

Biceps 28cm

Thigh 57cm

Waist 72cm


Weight 64kg

Bicep 28cm

Thigh 58cm

Waist 68cm


Sick of putting all the effort in the gym and not seeing results? Let THQ give you the structure, discipline and direction like Amy was given for you to final start seeing results, enquire below…

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