THQ Success Story : Andy Lees

Andy Shreds Body Fat & Builds Muscle For A New Body Shape


Feeling lousy, unfit and out of shape was a common sensation for Andy.

He was noticing that his body shape was changing – in the wrong direction.

And he started to feel his self-confidence as well as his fitness was taking a hit.

That was until he discovered THQ and took the plunge.

He saw the amazing results we were producing for similar men who looked like him.

Upon talking to THQ, he knew that this was the structure, guidance and motivation he needed to get in great shape.

Andy had tried to do it on his own in the gym, tried the latest diets, but it always ended in failure.

We explained to Andy the journey and process he would go through to achieve the body shape he wanted, meaning he didn’t have to google everything every 5 mins.

It all made logical sense and he stuck to the plan, his mindset was, that so many others had done it, so it must work.

Andy was a brilliant member to coach, he applied everything we recommended him to do, and applied the knowledge with aplomb.

He even went on holiday in the middle of his 12 week shoot, PLUS had to train at home for the last two weeks of the shoot (the most important weeks).

Andy even had a shoulder injury to deal with in sessions, which meant we had to adapt a lot of his routine, but he managed it with ease with the guidance provided.

What Andy thought would just be just a trivial body shape goal – he absolutely smashed the ceiling off it.

He now has more energy, more muscle, better fitness, is stronger and has burnt off a lot of body fat.

Read more of Andy’s journey in his own words…..

Why did you first start at THQ?

Been ‘searching’ for years to find something/some form of exercise that I’d enjoy and also actually feel and ‘see’ some benefit from.  

Also the 12wk shoot program sounded like something I had to try at some point.

Plus always had issues with my body shape and always wanted to change things (probably sounds bonkers it’s taken this long!)

..and to be totally frank, overlaying all this, is that I found myself in an unexpected personal situation and desperately needed a new focus.

 What made you start the 12 week shoot?

A mixture of things, the before/after pics around the gym, other members discussions about their experiences, plus their encouragement to go for it.

I guess that’s the reason that drew me into THQ in the first place. Deep down knew I needed a structure, guidance, motivation to achieve something that wouldn’t be easy!

Plus..could I do it/stick to it/would this work for me…only one way to find out.

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?

Tbh….definitely getting there..but there is way to go yet I feel i.e. still some lose belly fat/skin, that has to go over time I’d hope. So yes a body shape massive change but I know work to be done.

Achieved – love the amount of fat/weight loss and body looks more toned and defined than ever. Chest, shoulders and arms looking good…but I know it could improve.

Can see how clothes feel so different etc.

How do you feel about your achievement?

Very proud I stuck (95% of the time) to the plan. I had a week’s holiday in the middle (& behaved) and then we obviously missed a crucial last two weeks at the end (so perhaps missed the ‘full’ experience), but I stuck to the diet (with the fridge staring at me every day) in peak week as wanted to trust your plan.  Had lots of positive feedback and compliments from people which is always a boost!

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?

It’s a really positive, encouraging and friendly environment to participate in while seeing progression. That has been the single whole aim. I’ve been a member now 11mths and can see/feel progression, so job done!

It’s an easy commitment doing the 3 training it’s a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.  

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

Think Nike – ‘Just Do It’…. Ignore the pics on the walls, don’t even think about the 12wk shoot, forget all the other gym experiences that you’ve had, leave your hang-ups about dieting at the door, and most importantly DO NOT worry about what shape/condition you are in right now… ‘Just Do It’……remember, it’s a journey…and if it does have a destination…it’s probably called ‘No Regrets’.

Has Andy inspired you to get off your arse? Why not do the online 8-week challenge (like Andy is doing now) to get in shape whilst you have a little more time on your hands. If so, enter your detail below for more information……

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