THQ Success Story : Beth Finch

Beth Lost Inches & Pounds Whilst Getting Fitter & Stronger


Beth came to THQ as she struggled to see decent weight loss results when trying to do it alone.

She was worried that she was wasting her time doing the wrong diet or training the wrong way.

That frustration of not seeing results, and not knowing if she wasting her time at the gym made her take some definitive action.

She knew that at THQ she would get the guidance on what to be eating and how to be training to achieve her goal.

She also like the accountability that she had to book sessions.

The booking of sessions meant she had made a commitment to herself, and the trainers that she will train at least three times a week.

As sometimes after a long day at work, it would be tempting to skip sessions but she always turned up as we were waiting for her arrival.

Beth had tried the diets, the gym classes, but found that they wouldn’t work and it was only about weight loss.

Beth wanted weight loss, but she also wanted to make sure that the inches were dropping just as fast.

She understood that if she gained a little bit of muscle, that the scale weight may go down slower than expected, so we asked Beth to take regular inch measurements.

This kept her motivated as the inches disappeared and clothes started to feel baggy.

Not only was Beth interested in weight and inch loss, she wanted to become stronger and fitter.

THQ’s style of training is all about weight lifting & strength training.

Doing this type of training at a high intensity with brief rest periods equals a stronger, slimmer and fitter women.

Not just focusing on the scales, but on performance in the gym, has meant Beth has maintained her body shape. She continues to get fitter & stronger in sessions, and this keeps her motivated to keep training regularly.

She aims to do another 12 weeks shoot in January to improve even further!

Want to focus on getting stronger & fitter whilst losing pounds & inches like Beth?

Start the 6 week meltdown which on averages shifts a stone off the scales, whilst at the same time noticing a vast improvement in strength and fitness!

Spaces are limited for January intake so enquire below before they all go….

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