THQ Success Story : Harry Wilkinson


Harry wasn’t out of shape when he first came to THQ. He believed that he was fairly fit & healthy and was on top of his nutrition.

Harry had an active job and was usually found in the gym. Yet, he just couldn’t seem to get the body shape to change.

He always put the effort in but results never followed. But once he started at THQ – that soon changed.

We kept Harry accountable to keep coming consistently to the gym at least 3 times a week.

We also kept Harry accountable to his nutrition by teaching him how to track calories and macronutrients. This sounds complex but it’s a simple task that took him no longer than 10 minutes each day.

Tracking calories allowed a little more flexibility in his diet and Harry found it really easy to follow.

He enjoyed training hard in the gym and focused on getting stronger in sessions.

After going through the 6 week meltdown and smashing the 12 week shoot – he took his body shape, strength & fitness to another level. Whilst stripping back a lot of body fat and adding lean muscle to his frame.

In this short amount of time, harry now has the knowledge and confidence that he can get into shredded shape within 6-8 weeks.

Because at THQ we don’t just tell you what you need to do to get in shape, we show you how, why and what works for you – individually!

There is no one size fits all plan that everyone follows.

We start with the basics and build from there, everyone is different as we appreciate that.

Harry was always going through phases of pushing hard in the gym – but not seeing any results, meaning Harry would usually threw in the towel and start the process again a few weeks later.

Yet, after just a few weeks at THQ, he saw a more muscular and defined body shape, this really fired Harry up to keep sticking to the plan and the results were astonishing!

Proving that if you go all in on a goal, rather than dibbing in and out of the gym, you can achieve results in a speedy way.

Are you also a person who always lifts weight in the gym but your body shape just won’t change?

Let THQ take you through your very own Transformation and in just a few weeks, you could see dramatic body shape changes like Harry attained. ENQUIRE BELOW…..

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