THQ Success Story : Jack Armitt

Jack lost 2 stone without having to drop carbs and do loads of cardio


From starting at THQ, to the day of Jack’s Shoot – he lost 2 stone and as you can see, drop a lot of body fat!

He started in September 2018 and lost a lot of weight, he allowed for Christmas to happen and when the near year rolled around – he smashed it for 12 weeks!

The end result was building muscle and dropping body fat!

He didn’t have to spend hours and hours on a treadmill – he just strength trained on average 4 times a week for 45 minutes.

He didn’t have to drop carbs – he was allowed at least 2, usually 3 meals a day that were based around carbs like rice & potato’s!

He had been wasting time in the gym training on his own, but as soon as he came to THQ – his results rocketed. He learnt how to train with good intensity and form, the little adjustments we made to his training really start to carve away at the body fat.

He was confused on what he needed to be eating for fat loss, but as soon as THQ had explained how nutrition works, he understood it wasn’t about banning foods and dropping carbs. In fact, we ban NOTHING at THQ! You tell us your favourite treats and we teach you how you keep them in the diet but still see results.

We saw Jack change so much in such a short time frame, this was all down to his efforts and commitment to the plan.

He listened, went all in on his transformation and kept consistent, this is what gets people a transformation they can be proud of.

Have you been finding that all the hard you put in the gym achieves no results? Let THQ explain how we can get you results, enquire below…..

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