THQ Success Story : Jana Sheldon

Jana Loses 2 Stone in 12 Weeks


Jana is now loving her body and has a fresh new positive mindset after just 12 weeks training at THQ.

Before coming to THQ, Jana was a keen gym goer. She would spend plenty of time in the gym, yet her body shape didn’t reflect all the effort she was putting in – showing little and slow progress.

She also wasn’t sure if her diet was correct for her body shape goal.

All of this diet & training confusion created a downbeat Jana who didn’t feel very motivated.

She started at THQ after hearing a few positive reviews from friends, Jana decided it was the structure and accountability she needed in her training and nutrition.

After just a few weeks, she was seeing amazing body shape changes and loved how much energy & strength weight training gave her.

Her training wasn’t just about pounds, inch loss & being stronger – she wanted a new positive mindset!

Hear Jana’s thoughts on her transformation.

Have you achieved your body shape goal? What exactly have you achieved?

Yes definitely, I have been wanting to lose a stone and tone up. I have managed to lose just under 2 stones in just 12 weeks (Madness). I am a lot happier than I have ever been in the way I look. 

How do you feel about your achievement?

I am really proud of myself, this has been a life changing experience for me. I have found a stronger me…I am on about my mental strength here. 

What have you most enjoyed about at THQ?

I have enjoyed the beating the bad/negative side of me who believed I could never achieve what I have with in just 12 weeks.

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

It is really hard but the THQ team is fantastic in guiding you through every step to achieve your goal. This challenge doesn’t only make you stronger physically but also mentally. It’s so worth it. 

If Jana’s story has inspired you to get a new body shape AND a new positive mindset, enquire about the 6 Week Meltdown which Jana started on, let us show you how we get you results….

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