THQ Success Story : Mark Ivanitski

Mark Lost An Incredible 3 & ½ Stone In Just Over 3 Months


Mark was a frequent gym goer.

He put a lot of effort in going and making time for the gym.

Yet he was still unhappy with the way he looked and wanted change.

Despite reading all the information of what he should be doing, he just never seemed to see results.

This was starting to get Mark frustrated as he was thinking what’s the point.

I’m putting in a lot of hard work but the body doesn’t want to change shape. I’m sure you have also felt this at some point in your life?

He tried going low reps – heaver weights. Lighter weights – higher reps.

Nothing seemed to be shifting the body fat.

He wondered how does everyone make it look so easy? – they just pick up a few weights and they looked ripped.

He questioned if he was doing enough cardio? Enough ab exercises? Was his diet way off?

Mark knew he needed some guidance and had seen the results we were producing at THQ.

They looked like normal people and there were some recognisable faces – he knew that they were genuine results and if they could do it, so could he.

We started Mark on the 6 week meltdown, this develops good nutritional habits and we taught him how to weight training with good intensity & form.

This then lead Mark nicely onto the 12 week shoot which turbo charged his results! The shoot is a slightly more intensive yet longer version of the 6 week meltdown.

It works as we take your photo at the end! This little accountability tool means that most people stick to the plan.

But sticking to the plan gets RESULTS!

This was Marks blueprint and he now has the best body shape he has ever had after starting at THQ.

Have you been spinning your wheels in the gym recently? Enquire about availability of our next 6 week meltdown.

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