THQ Success Story : Simon Ralph

Simon didn’t let his long 12-15 hour work days stop him from getting in shape & losing 23lbs


Simon is a lorry driver so spends many hours out on the road.

He works very long shifts and is out on the road early and back home late.

Often days out of the house are 12 – 15 hours long.

Being out and about for so long and sat down all day, meant Simon’s body shape was changing – for the worse!

Lack of exercise and eating high calorie foods meant the pounds and inches were piling on.

He tried eating healthy but the weight just wouldn’t shift, so he knew he needed a little advice.

Simon came to THQ as he saw that training sessions could be done early or late. He like the flexibility that THQ has with sessions. He could cancel and change bookings as many times as he wanted to fit into his busy day.

The sessions lasted only 45 minutes so he wasn’t dedicating tons of time each week and could manage 3-4 sessions a week easily.

His job meant he didn’t have a kitchen to prepare foods in the day, so we tried to be strategic with Simon’s nutrition.

At first, we focused on swapping out the junk food, and replacing with protein and vegetables. Items that could be carried around in a wagon such as boiled eggs, protein bars, protein shakes, packet meats and prepared vegetables.

He had a fridge in the wagon so could take a prepared meal of lean protein, vegetables and a good carb choice such as rice or potato.

Having done this for a while, we saw good progress – but we wanted faster results.

We knew we couldn’t up training frequency as Simon’s time was limited.

The alternative was to track calories – this just made sure he was he in calorie deficit (key for fat loss) every day for his 12 week shoot.

If he had any extra time, he would squeeze in an additional training session and he aimed to keep moving as much as he could when at work.

These simple alterations to his days really paid off for Simon.

In 12 weeks, he shifted 23lbs and went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist.

His new habits worked so well, he even had a holiday to Florida during his 12 week shoot – yet still saw massive changes in his body shape.

More importantly, he has developed the good training and nutritional habits to keep results progressing, and to never go back to his old ways.

He ditched all the common excuses like “he had a job that made him work long hours, he had a holiday to go to, he couldn’t prepare meals” etc and just got on with it. He was given an alternative and he just stuck to the plan long enough to see brilliant results.

Do you have a job that makes you work long hours and you need some help getting in shape? Why not enquire about the 6 week meltdown which Simon started on and see fast results like he did….enter your details below before all our spaces go for the January 2020 intake.

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