THQ Success Story

Liz drops 58lbs to go from a size 16/14 to a size 8!

There was a moment for Liz at the beginning of the year that made her realise that a change was needed.

She was nearly at the point, where she would be officially classed as in the obese range, and that was enough for Liz to make a fundamental shift in lifestyle.

“I was perilously close to being classed as obese having piled on weight in the last few years (a combination of hitting the menopause, getting older and medication I was on….and just being lazier and not exercising and eating and drinking too much). I’d started running at the beginning of 2021 but knew I needed to build muscle strength as well”

She had started doing a bit of running but knew it wouldn’t be enough if she was going to shift the weight. Liz knew that she would need a bit of professional advice and support, whilst also wanting to get a bit fitter and stronger. All with the hope of getting back into a size 10.

Her next steps were to look for a gym/personal trainer. She had heard about THQ and checked out our results. Seeing people of similar shapes, age and had the same issues she was having, Liz was confident we were the place to help.

Yet she still had trepidations about putting in that find out more request, she was worried that she would feel out of shape and not fit in.

She needn’t have worried, as she soon saw helpful coaches who explained the whole process to her. And the other members were friendly, outgoing and she loved that they supported & encouraged one another.

Liz began on the 6 Week Meltdown and trained with us three times a week for 45 minutes. She followed our nutrition meal planner and cookbooks. The process was so easy to adapt to her lifestyle and she started to look and feel better.

The structure it brought to day-to-day life and encouragement in sessions is what she found most pleasing…

“The discipline of having scheduled classes and a routine to follow while being pushed to do your best”

Liz knew that she had found the place that works for her, she heard that we included in monthly rolling membership that members can do a 12 week shoot.

A more advance version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

Although the thought of having her picture taken at the end was a scary feeling, Liz knew it would provide the accountability to stick to the plan for 12 weeks.

On the 12 weeks she ramped up sessions from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 times a week just before the shoot.

She still ate using our nutritional strategies, but we now made her use a food tracking app so that we could be more laser targeted with nutrition.

Alongside doing the shoot, she also trained to do a 10k run.

The end results were fantastic…

“I’ve lost 58 pounds!!! I’ve lost inches everywhere but particularly off my waist, abdomen, hips. I’ve gone from a size 14/16 to a size 8”

We are so proud of how well Liz has done and she has completely turned her life direction around to be a healthier, fitter and happy version of herself.

We asked Liz what would she say to anyone who was thinking about joining?

“Just do it. Give it a try for a few weeks”

Has Liz’s story made you think about your current situation? Are the pounds and inches creeping on? Dress sizes always going in the wrong direction?

Take action like Liz did and enter your detail below for more information….

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