THQ Success Story

Alison is now leaner, fitter and stronger through lifting weights for the 1st time

Alison had let things slide a little and she wasn’t where she wanted to be body shape-wise.

A lot had been going on in her life and with the lockdowns, a few extra pounds and inches had crept on.

Alison knew that in order to get back in shape, she would need to get to the gym.

The gym would provide her with the challenge, help and resources needed to tone up and lose that extra scale weight.

But where to start?

Finding a gym was a bit of a daunting feeling and she had doubts about starting at one.

She was a little concerned about looking stupid.

Would she be doing it all wrong?

She really didn’t want to feel out of place.

Hesitantly, she still put in a request to find out more as she was determined to get back in shape.

Alison was invited down to a no-commitment consultation.

She was shown around and with others, had a chat about how it all works and how we got them results.

Coming down to THQ had completely changed her view of gyms…

“Gyms can be intimidating but I found THQ to be very welcoming. The trainers were helpful and I have felt supported. It’s a nice friendly atmosphere.”

All members starting at THQ, begin on the THQ 6 Week Meltdown.

This initial program works on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery.

This means that whoever goes through the program leaves a more toned, defined and lighter person.

In fact, on average up to 1 stone can be lost in the 6 weeks if followed correctly.

For the 6 weeks, Alison trained 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

She had a trainer with her at all times, so that she was training correctly and efficiently.

During the 6-week meltdown, she also had a lot of help with her nutrition.

We provided a structured meal planner and cookbooks so that she knew how to eat to lose weight and get that toned body look.

At the same time, her very own assigned trainer checked in with her each week to ensure she was on track and motivated.

By the end of the 6 weeks, Alison had gone from being a little fearful of the gym – to absolutely loving it and was hooked on the feeling of lifting weights.

“Never thought I’d like weight training but I’m hooked!!”

We knew now Alison had all the basics nailed so we encouraged her to start a 12-week shoot, a program that is included in the monthly membership.

The 12-week shoot is a challenge, but essentially, it’s a more advanced version of the 6-week meltdown.

On the 12-week shoot, she started training 3 times a week which we slowly increase up to 4 times a week, then 5 just before her shoot.

At the same time, we taught Alison how to track calories and macronutrients.

So that it took no more than 5 minutes each day to do – but turbocharged results.

We tried to get Alison to walk more each day, hydrate and sleep well & that was it.

Alison was consistent and stuck to the plan.

Alison lost 14 pounds to reveal this lighter, more toned and stronger version of herself.

She was feeling more energised and mentally a lot more positive.

Having other members around her was a nice little bonus she discovered and found the environment at THQ very supportive.

Out of interest, we asked Alison what did she like or learn about herself whilst being a member at THQ…

“I like the routine of attending classes. I like that the exercises change on a monthly basis. I like the support, coaching and accountability. I also like that the class sizes are small. 

I have learned a lot about food choices. I have learned that I am mentally stronger than I thought. I like the structure, guidance and accountability of doing the 12-week shoot.”

THQ is not just a gym membership where you are left to your own devices.

As Alison just stated, it’s on another level.

If you want to support, guidance, a non-judgmental environment, expert knowledge and a gym that actually cares about you and your results – pop in a request to find out more.

Just like Alison did all those months ago very nervously.

We also asked Alison what would she say to anyone who is sitting on the fence about starting at THQ?

“I would highly recommend it (I already have to numerous people!!). It’s like a little community and the program works. I am so happy with my results from doing the shoot”

Have we tempted you?

Want to find out a little more?

Pop in a request to find out more with the links below…

Ready to plan your transformation?

Enquire for more information on our next intake….6 week meltdown for £99 by clicking here 👉 Find Out More

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