THQ Success Story

Alison ditched the high carb diet to drop 2 stone

Alison was the first to admit that her diet was not particularly the best for her health and body shape.

It was too high in carbs and she admitted that she was probably consuming a bit too much alcohol.

This left Alison feeling sluggish, no energy and the pounds & inches kept creeping on.

She was now concerned that the menopausal weight may never be shifted and that she would be stuck with it for life!

Luckily, rather than admitting defeat, Alison decided to take control.

She had heard a few good things about THQ so popped in a form to find out more, she came to a find out more meeting and liked what she saw.

She knew that THQ had helped many members get results from looking at all the before and after posters on display. But she also really liked the ability to book sessions ahead and the community seemed very supportive.

Alison, like all other members, started on the 6 Week Meltdown.

On the 6 Week Meltdown, we worked on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery.

Making the process as simple as possible so that it didn’t overwhelm Alison.

With just training 3 times a week, a little tweak to her diet to include more protein and less carbs, and a small reduction in alcohol consumption – made a huge difference.

She started to feel better, more energy, fitter & stronger in gym sessions – and the pounds and inches started to drop off.

All this with no boring cardio, still including her favourite treats and foods….she knew she had finally found the most effective training and nutrition plan for her.

Alison stuck with this routine for many more months. We then persuaded her to jump onto a 12 week shoot to really turbo charge results.

Her first attempt was disrupted with the first 2020 lockdown, but she still completed the shoot to stay focused and not go backwards. She was happy with results but knew she could do more. Wanting to give it a proper go when the gyms reopened.

The next attempt was to start a shoot in January 2021, yet another lockdown got in the way. But this time, it wasn’t going to hold her back!

THQ had sorted lockdown training from home, all resistance-based training sessions to keep up fitness and strength, whilst shaping the body to tone and define up more. The nutritional strategies worked exactly the same as they would do if the gyms were open, we tried to keep Alison in a calorie deficit every day for the 12 weeks.

She had weekly modules to open and work on to ensure that she was always on the correct path, and weekly check ins from her trainer meant she always had a helping hand.

Alison absolutely smashed it and brilliantly dropped 2 stone and 36 inches in total!

But more importantly, she is maintaining this new better looking body shape.

She now has the knowledge, skills and correct mindset with her nutrition and training.

Alison now trains just 3 times a week, takes plenty of walks, and tracks calories. The tracking calories means she can still have a treat if she wants, knowing that it won’t do any damage to her health or body shape.

Having this empowerment now gives Alison the confidence and great feeling that she is now in control of her weight and body shape!

Do you need to be shown how to eat & train better to see results? Pop a find out more request form in below, just like Alison did, and you too very soon can be looking and feeling as good as she does now!

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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