THQ Success Story

How Danielle achieved her 12 week transformation

Danielle Potter

THQ loves a good success story – especially when it’s a story of overcoming the standard daily problems.

Nobody has a lot of free time these days, and Danielle was no different.

She didn’t have a great amount of time to get in the gym, and didn’t want to be in the kitchen all the time making healthy meals.

Believing for a while that “she was a busy person” who couldn’t make the time, she soon realised she was no different to everyone else.

She nipped the excuses in the bud and decided it was time for a change. She started back at THQ (being a member before and knew it was successful) and got to work.

Danielle liked the structure and road map laid out to her by THQ….

“I really enjoyed the shoot programme, having done it before I had an idea of what to expect. But I really liked the modules that are opened each week this time, I felt this helped me to keep focused and on track.”

Danielle was open and honest & she told us she was busy, but more importantly, she was ready to make a change….

“I have a very busy life, like most people and sometimes found it very challenging. I found prepping meals in advance and having a weekly plan is the key”

Turning up at a gym and having to decide what you need to do can be a real headache sometimes, and Danielle loves that THQ solves this problem for her…

“I really enjoy the gym sessions and love how everything is set out for you, so I don’t have to think about what I will train. I can just turn up to the sessions and do my 45 minutes. This fits in perfectly with my lifestyle and means I’m not wasting time thinking about what I will train next or spending 5 minutes on my phone in between sets. 

The trainers are amazing, they helped push me when needed and going to sessions at similar times each week means you get to know people in the sessions.”

In 12 weeks, Danielle lost 11lbs and 12.5cm to reveal a more toned and defined body shape, she was so pleased with what she achieved.

“I found the last few weeks a little harder as the calories dropped, but was just thinking about the end result and how far I had already come. The weeks soon went by and I am over the moon with the outcome.”

If you put in just a little bit of effort, organisation & structure – you too can soon see results like Danielle.

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