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Diane loses 15lbs to get that toned body look

Diane is a busy person. A hectic family life and demanding job was something Diane had dealt with for many years.

This meant she took her eye off the ball with her own health and body shape.

Diane’s situation is no different to anyone else’s, and she just put it down to getting a little older and having a family.

Yet, she still felt that she could turn it around. Like she didn’t want to keep adding more inches and pounds.

Something inside of her made her take action. She wanted to look toned and feel good about herself again.

She had heard and seen some of the results THQ had achieved and decided to find out a little bit more. Diane came in for a no commitment consultation, watched a session in action and listened to how we would get her results.

Understandably, Diane was a little unsure if it would work for her…how would lifting weights make me slimmer?

Heavy lifting is for men who want to get bigger isn’t it?

A few of her concerns were put to rest by the head coach at the consultation, and the results of the before & after photos made her give it ago. She would do a 6-week meltdown and see if it actually worked and give it her best shot.

Diane had to complete three 45-minute small group sessions each week. With a focus on weight training with good intensity and form, having a trainer with her at all times so that she wouldn’t mess up.

We also got Diane to focus on eating for her goals. We asked Diane to follow our meal planner and cookbooks, which still allowed the odd treat or two.

And we got to work.

Over the 6 weeks, we had weekly check ins with Diane via our coaching app to make sure she was always on track.

She also had to open up weekly modules in our members area. These modules concentrated on specific tasks that we knew would enhance Diane’s results.

The 6 weeks flew by, and she was now loving how much more toned and defined she was looking. Plus, she felt stronger, fitter and had way more energy, she just felt “amazing”.

Now hooked on weight training and eating for her goal, she continued after her 6 weeks and kept seeing progression.

But she knew that she had more in her, like she could take it up another level.

So, she jumped on a 12 week shoot which is included in monthly membership.

After all the foundations and basics are established from doing a 6 week meltdown, the next steps are to complete a 12 week shoot.

It’s not a vanity project, more to keep the member accountable to a plan, because who wants to look the same as their before photo?

On the shoot, Diane still trained with weights with a main focus on getting stronger and fitter. We still ate a high protein diet, with plenty of vegetables and still included carbohydrates.

The only difference now was that we showed Diane how to track calories and macronutrients for FAST results, which gave her that little extra accountability that we could check in on her food diary at any time.

As the weeks progressed, to blast through any fat loss plateau’s – we slowly increase training frequency and ever so slightly, lowered calories.

This little combination was not even noticeable to Diane, and week on week, she saw progression with the inch and pound loss.

Before she knew it, the shoot day had arrived and she looked and felt fabulous….

Diane now feels proud of her more toned & defined body shape and looks to continue to improve it even more so.

We asked Diane what would she say to anyone who has been inspired by her photos and is thinking about joining?

“Just do it – you will be surprised how you will progress”

Is it time for you to progress and get that toned look?

Enquire for more information below…..

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