THQ Success Story

Emma ditches the life’s excuses and made a change

Like many women out there doing their best, they would love to have a fitter, stronger and slimmer body shape.

But life always gets in the way.

Emma was no different & had a crazy work schedule with very long hours, as she runs her own business.

Before starting at THQ, she just couldn’t envisage how she would fit in time to get to the gym, and also be doing tons of meal prepping.

Believing it was just for the young ladies who had all the time in the world.

This was the belief she told herself and she was pretty much set that she would never get in shape.

Fortunately, Emma saw some of the results THQ were putting out, and realised that they were only having to train three times a week for 45 minutes. This seemed perfectly doable, and she loved that the fact that she could pick and choose her training sessions times that suited her diary.

Emma came into THQ for a “Find Out More” chat and got really excited. Not only did she have to do just 3 sessions a week, she didn’t have to ban any types of food!

Thrilled that it didn’t take hours & hours in the gym, and she was also told she would be given a simple meal planner and fat loss recipe books to make meals tasty and easy to stick to – she was ready to take the plunge and started a 6-Week meltdown.

Upon starting, she soon started to see the benefits of lifting weights. She was seeing faster results than she had ever done before and was feeling great. The energy levels were improving, she was getting stronger & fitter whilst the pounds & inches were melting away.

She didn’t want this progression to stop, so she enrolled onto the next available 12-week shoot, which is available to members in their monthly rolling membership. The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6-week meltdown, we would slowly increase sessions from 3 a week up to five, and track calories & macronutrients for that extra targeted accountability.

This shoot had a slight twist to it though – lockdown 2021 was in full affect and her local THQ had been forced to closed. No problem for us however, we had exchanged in house weight training sessions to a resistance workout from home (have a look at THQ’s at home 8 Week Challenge). She was live coached via a stream to replicate us training her in person in the gym.

The 6-week meltdown and shoot held Emma’s hand throughout the journey. She was given weekly modules to open which worked on a simple task that made getting in shape so clear and easy to follow.

She was supported outside of the gym with a weekly check in from her very own assigned trainer. All Emma had to do was punch her stats and progress pics into our coaching app, and the accountability of her trainer checking in on her made the difference.

THQ loved seeing Emma become a healthier and happier individual. She dropped many pounds and inches but she also noticed the benefits in other areas. Her energy levels and focus were much more improved, which helped her be a better business owner.

She now has the knowledge and skills to not slip backwards, but always be improving her body shape, strength & fitness. This can all be achieved with just 3-4 training sessions a week that last no longer than 45 minutes, whilst eating a sensible diet that still includes her favourite treats.

The results were brilliant and we are really chuffed with how well Emma dropped all the excuses and just got to work – the results were very inspiring.

Are you in need of someone to hold your hand and guide you through a transformation?

Jump on a 6-week meltdown like Emma did and many others, where on average – a stone is shifted off the scales! Drop your excuses, inches and pounds now….

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