THQ Success Story

Emma started lifting weights which improved her body shape & mental well-being

Having never lifted weights before…Emma was intrigued to see what it could do for her health.

She had heard good things about weight training and seen the results it achieved.

So, with her husband, she gave it ago to see if it could give them the kickstart they needed.

Emma had always been fit and active, but she had got into a bit of a rut.

She often used steady-state cardio as her “go-to” form of exercise.

It had served her well in the past, but it didn’t seem to be as effective anymore.

Her scale weight and inches never moved.

Fitness stayed the same.

And she didn’t feel that positive mentally with not seeing results.

Feeling at a bit of a loss, she wanted to try another approach.

Emma knew that weight training would be important to her long-term health as a female.

Understanding the importance of getting/staying strong as she got older.

At the same time, if she could tone up and lose a few pounds & inches, it would be a bonus.

Ready to make a change, Emma put in a request to find out more at THQ.

Emma came down to a no-commitment consultation.

Where she was told how it all worked, how we would get her results and watched a session in action.

Liking the sound of it all, she was raring to go and signed up to our introduction program – The THQ 6 Week Meltdown.

On the 6 weeks, Emma would weight train for 45 minutes with a trainer with her at all times.

She also had to follow the THQ meal planner and cookbooks which made her diet exciting, tasty and easy to stick to.

And we got to work.

Her own assigned trainer checked in with her weekly to make sure she was ok and on track.

The 6 weeks flew by and she enjoyed how she was feeling, looking and how much stronger & fitter she was getting.

From being unsure of lifting weights, to loving weight training in a matter of weeks.

“I personally had never lifted weights before so was a little hesitant at first, not knowing what to do and whether I’d be able to actually change my body shape in the way I wanted. I had previously done cardio mainly but that wasn’t getting anywhere apart from very hot and sweaty!


Will and Jack were so good at making me feel comfortable even when the weights I was lifting were light. I also saw small changes to my body very fast. That really helps to keep you on track and focused.”

Not wanting this progression to stop, Emma jumped on the next available 12-week shoot.

The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6-week meltdown.

We count calories & macronutrients, increase training sessions from 3 up to 5 times a week and we take your picture at the end – which certainly increases accountability.

And we got to work…the end results were fantastic!

She lost nearly 10lbs, which is a lot considering she was already slim and fairly toned before starting.

But the main thing she saw improve was her mental well-being.

Now so much more positive.

We asked Emma why this was the case?

“The people, the changes in routines each month which keeps things interesting and the fact that you can (and have to in my opinion) completely switch your mind off in the gym and focus on exactly what you’re doing. It really helps my mental well-being.”

Emma (and her husband) now have all the skills, knowledge and good habits installed that they know they will stick to them.

Because they can see what’s possible and how good you can feel by lifting weights.

We also asked Emma what would she say to anyone thinking about enquiring….

“Just jump in! It’s such good fun and has really helped me mentally as well as physically. You’ll be amazed by the results.”

Ready to plan your transformation?

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