THQ Success Story

Faye loses 28lbs to regain back her body shape

Faye had let one too many bad eating habits creep into her lifestyle.

She was bouncing from training & diet plan because she saw very little results from the effort she was putting in.

Which left her body shape nowhere near where she wanted it to be.

She wanted the shape she had when she was younger.

The more toned, defined and athletic shape seem like an impossible dream.

All the failed dieting and wasted time spent in the gym had dinted Faye’s hopes and confidence that she would never get that better looking body shape.

Which lead to an unwanted cycle.

She knew that the gym was the starting point of getting in shape and being fit & healthy, but was now starting to feel a little embarrassed going to the gym.

Would she be doing everything correctly?

Was she doing the right exercises?

Was she even working out hard enough?

Doubting her abilities, meant that she put off going to the gym as regularly as she should be doing to see results.

Which made her feel a little down, then reverting back to bad eating habits as a way to feel better.

She knew this had to stop.

Faye had seen some of the results Transformation HQ had put on social media, and heard that you have a trainer with you at all times.

With motivation in the gym a big issue, she liked the idea that someone was always with her and telling her what to do.

She came down for a no-commitment consultation and listened to the head coach explain how it all worked.

Not only would we train Faye 3 times a week in a small group set up, we would also be helping her with her nutrition.

Liking the sound of everything, Faye started on our starter program – The 6 Week Meltdown.

Very soon, Faye no longer felt dread going to the gym…

“Everyone at THQ is so inviting from the trainers to the other people in the class, makes you feel comfortable.”

With the help of THQ and her assigned trainer, Faye was now improving her eating habits alongside training correctly in the gym.

The results were actually showing.

Pounds & inches creeping back down, and feeling more energetic and positive again.

Faye continued after her 6 week meltdown had finished, as she felt she had an easy to follow routine and results kept on progressing.

After being a member for a while, Faye decided to take it up another level and start a bit of a new challenge.

She enrolled onto a 12 week shoot which is included in monthly membership at THQ.

The shoot is essentially a more advance version of the 6 week meltdown.

Faye increased training sessions from 3 times a week up to 4, then 5 just before her shoot.

She was taught how to track calories and macronutrients to turbo charge fat loss.

And we gave weekly tasks working on areas like walking more, hitting water targets, sleep efficiency.

We checked in with her each week to make sure she was on track and she simply put her head down and got to work.

The results were fantastic.

Not only did she have a brilliant new looking body shape, her mindset with her nutrition had improved dramatically…

“I know what my bad eating habits are & minimise them as much as I can, I’m aware of the healthier food choices I should take to give my body the best nutritional benefits alongside training, my body shape has changed dramatically & I never want to go into old ways again. Seeing the before & after is just an amazing feeling all thanks to everyone at THQ.”

“Since starting at THQ I’ve lost 28 pounds, in the last shoot I lost 15 pounds. (I’ve) Lost weight & toned up & met some really good friends through the process!!”

Faye now maintains this new shape and is getting fitter and stronger in the gym week on week, and we are so proud of how well Faye has done.

We asked Faye what would she say to anyone who is thinking about joining or enquiring….

“100% go for it, it will change the way you look at training in the gym & food alongside, forever! & you will feel much better in yourself. Can’t recommend to anyone enough!!”

Do you find yourself feeling embarrassed to go in the gym like Faye use to?

Let us hold your hand and show you the way…Enquire for a bit more information using the links below 👇

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