THQ Success Story

From keen runner to lifting weights for a new & toned body shape

Francine has always been an active person. She loved to run but unfortunately got to a point where she could no longer do it.

This played havoc on her body shape and the pounds & inches started to creep on.

It’s fair to say, she wasn’t out of shape to begin with, and most people would love to be at Francine’s before photo.

But she knew she wanted to improve; she understood that she wasn’t totally out of shape – but wanted to get into great shape.

A plan was certainly needed.

She looked towards THQ, as the before and after photos had inspired her.

We knew that from her background of just running and not much weightlifting, that we would see a fast response.

Training with weights for the first time, often sees members achieve faster results than someone who has always trained with weights.

We love to work with beginners, as we can start with a blank canvas. No mistakes or bad habits to eradicate & a willingness to listen and learn.

On our introductional program – the THQ 6 Week Meltdown, we start on all the basics of weight training in the gym.

Showing members, particularly females, how it doesn’t make you look bulky – but actually sculpts and tones the body.

Francine’s photo shows how much more defined her arms and stomach look.

Alongside this introduction of weight training, we worked on her nutrition.

Worried that she may have to starve herself or go on silly detox diets..

..she needn’t had worried. She was allowed to keep in her favourite treats and given a better eating and nutrition structure to match her goals.

Loving how easily it was to follow and seeing her body shape change, whilst becoming fitter, stronger and more energetic – she wanted to take it that bit further.

Her next steps were to jump on to the next 12 week shoot program available.

She saw others members doing it, and heard & seen great things from other members who had done it before.

The 12 week shoot is just a slightly more advanced version of our 6 week meltdown program.The training inside the gym was exactly the same, apart from slowly increasing training frequency from 3 sessions a week, up to 4, then 5 sessions a week before her shoot.

All members start on 3 transformation sessions – these are full body sessions that work the body equally to create a well-rounded and stronger person.

As results start to plateau, we add in strength sessions. Each member gets access to our private free use area.

In here, they work on their weaknesses. For example, if a member isn’t too happy with their legs and abs, their extra strength room sessions would work on these areas. The additional volume going through weak body parts really forces them to transform into a better looking version.

Alongside adding in a couple extra strength sessions – we taught Francine how to track calories.

This meant she had an individually assigned calorie limit to eat each day, which we slowly and minimally reduced. This gave Francine plenty of freedom to fit in her favourite foods so she never really felt like she was “dieting”.

This simple combination, alongside working on weekly modules provided Francine a simple and easy to follow plan.

All laid out for her to keep following as closely as possible.

With not a lot of weight to lose to start with, Francine drop 12lbs on her shoot. 12lbs of body fat removed as we know the weight training retained and possible built muscle.

She did so well, and her photo has inspired many other ladies to stop pounding the pavements, and start lifting iron to finally get that toned and sculpted body shape.

Now Francine has gone through the process and seen how weight training whilst tracking calories can completely change a body shape, she now has a much healthier & positive mental attitude.

She can now motivate herself to stick to her nutrition and training plan, whilst still allowing the odd treat.

She has all the skills and knowledge to get & stay in great shape whilst living a normal life, and this is the main aim of THQ.

To teach members that they don’t have to be perfect to get in great shape.

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Want to finally get the body shape you train so hard for?

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