THQ Success Story

Gaynor got in the best shape she has been in years!

Gaynor had always been an active person, which kept her in fairly good shape.

But with a job that required sitting for many hours at a computer, a few bad nutritional choices, her inches and pounds started to creep in the wrong direction.

Now feeling a little low & unfit, Gaynor was often starting to cover up body parts with baggy clothing.

She knew that if she didn’t do something about it, it would only get worse.

That’s when she saw THQ on Facebook.

Some of the body shapes she had seen were similar to hers.

They weren’t overweight, but they had lost many inches from the waist, a really troublesome area for Gaynor.

She popped in an enquiry form and she was on the next available place for a 6 Week Meltdown.

On the 6 weeks, we worked on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery.

Gaynor loved the 3 weight training sessions each week and felt the nutrition side of things was a breeze to follow – plus she could keep her favourite treats in as well!

She continued on with THQ and stuck with this routine of 3 sessions a week and following the THQ meal planner and cookbooks.

This was doable and she progressed each week, seeing herself get fitter, stronger and the pounds and inches went back in the correct direction.

And then as the world changed in March 2020, Gaynor’s routine was blown away.

This was devastating for Gaynor. No gym, moving less – would bad nutrition habits start to creep back in?

This didn’t happen, as again, she took action.

Gaynor was still very disciplined and jumped on to THQ Online whilst the gyms were shut.

She still resistant trained 3 times a week, but from home, still followed the THQ meal planner and cookbooks. And her own assigned trainer checked in once a week to make sure all was ok.

When the gyms reopened back in the summer of 2020…she had great momentum.

The momentum came from training at home and continuing applying our nutritional strategies.

Gaynor knew she could improve further so jumped on to the next available 12 week shoot. Her very first attempt!

The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown and is included in monthly rolling membership.

She knuckled down for 12 weeks to see what she really could achieve in that short amount of time.

Gaynor still trained in the gym 3 times a week for 45 minutes in the small group personal training sessions. We slowly added in a couple of additional sessions working on areas of her body she wasn’t quite happy with.

At the same time, we taught Gaynor how to track calories. This gave Gaynor the flexibility to include her favourite foods so she never really felt like she was dieting.

This simple increase of training sessions and essentially completing a food diary, really melted away the pounds and inches.

Gaynor went through this lockdown (Jan – Apr 2021) and used THQ online to maintain her brilliant new looking body shape. She came back into the gym this year looking as lean, toned and defined as she did after her shoot.

Proving to us and herself, that she now has built up all the good habits with training and nutrition to stay in this shape for good!

Have lock downs reaped havoc on your midsection?

Need a simple and easy to follow training & nutrition plan that blasts off the pounds and inches?

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