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Ged lost 25lbs & 20 inches to feel her old self again

Ged has always been a very active person. Health & fitness have always been a priority for Ged as she lost her mum at the young age of 50. With Ged now approaching this same milestone, she really wanted to focus on her health so that she didn’t go down the same path.

Concerned for her future health, she was super determined to be the fittest, healthiest and leanest she could be.

She saw that THQ had produce amazing results for people who were coming to the tricky menopause era, and that they had managed to beat it by lifting weights at THQ.

“I lost my mum at 50 years old through ill health & approaching 50 I went on a self-care mission to take the very best care of myself. I did lots of running, cycling, wild swimming & walking but never weights or gym training…so I thought why not & I thought it would help with loss of bone density through the menopause.”

 “I wanted to feel like my old self again, lose weight, feel leaner, stronger & fitter.”

Yet after a recent op, her confidence and control had really suffered. Nevertheless, she was eager to feel her old self again, to lose that weight that had been slowly creeping on, and to be fitter and stronger.

Ged was never really a “gym goer” and actually hated it, much preferring the outdoors. But she soon realised that just being outdoors and being active was not enough to get the results she wanted.

With no idea of where to start, she came into THQ for a no commitment consultation to see if we could help. Having spoken to the head coach at her THQ. She was pleasantly surprised how simple it all seemed, and the support provided was just what was needed to kick start her transformation.

Ged started on the 6 Week Meltdown and only had to train three times a week for 45 minutes, whilst following a simple meal planner. All seemed very simple and doable, Ged just gave it a go and would see if it actually worked.

Within just a few short weeks, Ged was already feeling and looking better. Actually, for the first time in her life – she enjoyed going to the gym!

She liked the challenge of the sessions, and that there was always a trainer with her at all times to make sure she didn’t mess up. The small group sessions, of no more that 6 people at one time, allowed a trainer to provide advice and support every time she visited.

This support and effective weight training sessions meant that she was seeing body shape changes fast, faster than ever before.

Not wanting these results to stop, she continued after her 6-week meltdown.

We encouraged Ged to start a 12 week shoot to really enhance results. Admittedly with a little hesitation, she agreed and went all in.

On the 12-week shoot, we increased training sessions from 3 times a week slowly up to 5 times a week. We also at the same time, taught Ged how to track calories so that her nutrition was individually tailored to her in order to achieve maximum results in the 12 weeks.

Ged was guided and supported throughout the shoot with weekly modules, which advised Ged what and when she should be doing. For example, increasing daily step target or when to lower calories. Alongside a weekly check in with her own assigned trainer, she had all the support ever needed and the results were incredible….

Ged lost an incredible 25lbs and 20 inches to achieve a life changing transformation and now feels so much better about herself.

Ged really enjoyed the challenge and having to push herself. Proving to herself that she was capable of doing it. Bringing back more confidence, loads of energy, better control, more strength & fitness and a body shape of a 20-year-old.

We asked Ged what would she say to anyone sitting on the fence about enquiring about starting their journey at THQ…. “Just do it!! It’s a life changing experience.”

Has Ged’s inspirational journey moved you to make a change?

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