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Hannah melted off 9kg of body fat to reveal this amazing body shape

When Hannah came to Transformation HQ, she had a few little concerns that maybe aren’t the norm.

She told us that she wasn’t overly concerned about losing weight.

Our 6 Week Meltdown program on average helps people drop up to a stone.

Hannah wasn’t sure if the program would be for her.

She wasn’t “out of shape” because she was already an active person before starting at THQ.

Having a keen interest on climbing and running.

Yet she still had stubborn pockets of body fat that didn’t seem to shift, no matter how active she was.

The confusion was that if she lost weight…she would look “too thin” and not healthy.

We soon eased Hannah’s concerns, and explained her journey of how we would get the stubborn body fat off, but make her look healthy and athletic.

Her weight lifting sessions 3 times a week for 45 minutes would hold onto and build muscle.

This would help her become stronger & fitter and it would also help her running and climbing.

Our main areas of focus were on Hannah’s diet.

This is what we saw was causing the stubborn fat storage.

We put in place a simple meal planner that had clear instructions on how to eat for her fat loss goals.

She would eat 3 times a day and even get a snack.

Meals were based around protein and healthy ingredients, she even got cookbooks to make meals varied and exciting.

After just a few short weeks, Hannah was already seeing the difference.

She saw changes in those areas that just always held body fat.

She was also feeling stronger, fitter and her energy levels were improving.

All of Hannah’s concerns about looking too thin had evaporated, she knew she had found the style of training that could finally change her body shape.

“I learned how to be organised with meal prep, making sure lunches are nutritious rather than fast food, more confidence, and feel stronger”

After her 6-week meltdown had completed, she didn’t want the results to stop.

So, she enrolled on to the monthly rolling membership at THQ.

Included in the monthly membership, THQ members can enrol onto a 12-week shoot.

The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

We would increase training sessions up from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 times a week just before her shoot.

We would also teach Hannah how to track calories & macronutrients to speed up her fat loss.

And it was all delivered in simple-to-follow weekly modules.

She like the simplicity and got to work and the results were incredible.

Her shoot day stats were impressive.

She lost 11 inches and 5% body fat in total.

But more interestingly, 9kgs off the scales.

Even the thought of losing weight at the start of her journey gave Hannah big worries.

But alongside weight training and eating a diet high in protein, her body shape looks fabulous, and she is now stronger and fitter to boot – even being 9kg lighter!

After being taken through a proper training and diet plan…Hannah had realised where she had been going wrong with her old training approach.

“My training had no consistency, wasn’t pushing myself enough, poor diet – wasn’t tracking calories/macros so basically guessing.

Throughout the process, I realised it was body fat I was losing and felt I was still getting stronger.

Now I’m able to build on a leaner body shape after a shoot through a reverse diet.”

See at THQ, we don’t just want to get people in shape once, we want them to STAY in shape.

And that’s the hardest part of a transformation.

Hannah was shown how to reverse diet, which is a clever way after a transformation to eat a bit more food, decrease training frequency YET stay in amazing shape.

Giving Hannah all the knowledge and skills to stay in shape for life.

Are you also a person who has stubborn pockets of body fat to lose?

Enquire below about the 6-week meltdown program that Hannah started and soon too, you could be as happy and healthy as Hannah.

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