THQ Success Story

Jackie came back to THQ to lose 23 lockdown pounds

Lockdown’s destroy body shapes and positive mindsets.

Jackie was no different, after 12 very long weeks in lockdown of the spring 2020, Jackie was not in a good place.

The pounds and inches had crept on.

Her fitness and general energy had been zapped.

And her mood was so low that she didn’t know if she could swing it back around.

It really could have easily continued this way – if she had let it.

But she didn’t, she came to THQ to get things going back in the right direction again.

Jackie was a member prior to the lockdown, but hadn’t used any of the THQ online training.

But things had now changed, gyms in the summer of 2020 were now allowed back open.

She came in and made a promise to us and herself that it was time for a fresh start.

Jackie saw how COVID safe sessions were, with wipes at every station, screens in-between stations and plenty of social distancing.

Now happy, we went back to basics and put Jackie on the 6 Week Meltdown Program.

Jackie now followed the flexible THQ Meal planner to bring back structure and organisation to her nutrition.

She trained 3 times a week for 45 minutes in THQ’s small group transformation sessions.

Opened up weekly modules, each module gave Jackie tasks to complete. To make sure everything outside of the gym was been done correctly.

The modules were a new addition from the last time she was a member, and were a positive surprise….

“I liked the fact that there were modules you could go back over if you had forgotten anything”

Within just a few short weeks, Jackie’s mood was improving dramatically, and she also started to feel better in her clothes again.

“Only after a couple of weeks my mood had lifted and I felt I had a purpose to get up and out!”

Not wanting to stop this progression….she took it up a notch.

And jumped onto our next available 12 week shoot (all included in monthly membership)

12 weeks to knuckle down and get to work – determined to lose the lockdown pounds and inches.

The 12 week shoot is simply a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

She still completed three 45 minute transformation sessions a week, but we slowly added in a couple of strength sessions. Working on areas of her body she wasn’t so happy about.

Instead of following her THQ meal planner, she now tracked calories as an additional tool to make sure her nutrition was on point!

We ever so slightly reduced calories over the 12 weeks to blast through any weight loss plateaus.

And she still received weekly modules to open up, which she felt kept her on track.

This was the simple laid out plan that Jackie had to follow, and she enjoyed the process.

“The shoot was great – Really glad I did it again, I look & feel so much better!”

Her stats on the shoot were very impressive….

Starting weight: 11 stone 12 pounds

Finish weight: 10 stone 3 pounds

Not only did the pounds start to drop off…the inches melted away too!


Hips were 42″ now 37″

Waist was 34″ now 31.5″

Chest was 38.5″ now 35″

Legs were 22″ now 21″

Arms were 12.5″ now 12″

Jackie should be proud of herself.

She took action and got the rewards for her efforts and dedication.

Have the lockdowns been a bit cruel to your body shape and mindset?

Make a change like Jackie did and jump on our next available 6 Week Meltdown…don’t hang around though, as most places have already been taken!

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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